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10 February 2004
Volume II, Issue II 

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Guardian Digital Provides Comprehensive Solutions for Small Businesses

Helping small businesses acquire enterprise-grade security and productivity features at a budget-friendly price, Guardian Digital Internet Productivity Suite is a break-out success. Digitize, Inc., a small electronics manufacturing company recently implemented Internet Productivity Suite on their system and has returned rave reviews.

"With multiple solutions being offered in an all-in-one cost-effective system we are confident our company will realize a strong return on investment in a short amount of time," states Harold Westra, IT administrator at Digitize.

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Guardian Digital Launches Next Generation EnGarde Secure Linux

Continuing to secure their position at the forefront of open source Internet security, Guardian Digital announced the release of next generation EnGarde Secure Linux. Designed for security enthusiasts and organizations requiring a heightened level of system security, the latest edition of EnGarde incorporates the most innovative open source technologies.
EnGarde now includes improved security and usability, an executive summary reporting system that allows IT Managers to receive and deliver comprehensive graphical reports on server activity and security alerts, scalability improvements, and much more.

With the integration of additional security and productivity features, EnGarde continues to be the only platform with the ability for users to develop a strong Internet presence while providing consistent network protection from damaging kernel vulnerabilities and other system compromising threats.

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New Options for Developers!

Guardian Digital recently released a group of enhancement packages designed to allow users to gain access to the latest from the open source community. Included in these improvements are the Linux 2.6 kernel, superior security tools, and a collection of the most sophisticated open source firewall utilities.

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Guardian Digital Communications Team Releases Secure Mail Suite Reviewer’s Guide

In an effort to educate those interested in evaluating the depth of Guardian Digital’s enterprise products, the company’s communications team recently released a series of reviewer’s guides. Inside you will find illustration of various features, competitive landscape analysis, product benefits, customer profiles, useful applications and many other points of interest. After receiving such positive feedback from the Secure Mail Suite Reviewer’s Guide describing its usefulness, the communications team also wanted to make it available to Behind the Shield readers.

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Industry Note
A Visit to the Linux World Expo

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the LinuxWorld Expo in New York City. Riveting keynotes, innovative demonstrations, and displays by companies from all corners of the industry exemplified the show as a great success. It is here that industry leaders work to define and exhibit the current direction of the industry.

Powerful enterprise business solutions earmarked the show and defined the direction in which the Linux momentum is headed. There is still a lot of room for improvement, however. The lack of ways in which exhibitors’ customers are to maintain the security of these enterprise solutions and the insufficient presence of features designed to implement security was also apparent.

With successful network attacks on the rise and the unparalleled security benefits offered by the Linux open source approach, it is surprising that so few vendors concentrate on this crucial component of enterprise computing today.

Although the vendors may be proponents of Linux as a viable platform for business, many still believe the proprietary approach to designing software is sufficient, and choose to pass along the requirements of security solely to the customer. Products designed with inadequate security or "bolted on" with the addition of another application frequently fail or require significant and continual maintenance.

Guardian Digital products are engineered to be secure. Antiquated protocols are replaced with their more modern and secure alternatives. Ease-of-management capabilities throughout are designed to assist users with configuring their systems and easily maintaining complex security mechanisms.

For Linux or any other operating system to truly be successful, there must be a solid marriage between security and functionality. Guardian Digital customers are constantly telling us that we have found that perfect balance.

Dave Wreski, CEO Guardian Digital, Inc.



At a Glance
Secure Mail Suite

Guardian Digital Secure Mail Suite is the first complete corporate email system engineered with security in mind. Productivity features and network defense applications are integrated to form a single unified secure email messaging solution.

Addressing the needs of small organization and large enterprises alike, Secure Mail Suite includes everything needed to utilize the Internet’s most important communication medium.

This highly scalable corporate email system includes comprehensive spam controls, virus protection, web-based group collaboration and much more. Guardian Digital Secure Mail Suite will increase user productivity and network efficiency while providing organizations with a complete and fully functional email system.

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Guardian Digital In the News

Flaws Raise Red Flag on Linux Security

Guardian Digital customers and CEO Dave Wreski share their thoughts on the recent rash of Linux kernel vulnerabilities with Computer World reporter Jaikumar Vijayan.

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Guardian Digital Mailbag

Q. What makes Guardian Digital products more secure then other proprietary counterparts?

A. While other companies incorporate security features onto a finished product, Guardian Digital products are designed to encompass the perfect balance of comprehensive security and productivity applications. Having security as its core, the Guardian Digital portfolio of applications ensure the highest level of protection at a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems.

The Behind the Shield editors encourage their readers to submit questions. The most frequently asked questions will appear in future issues. We look forward to answering all your inquiries! Email us at info@guardiandigital.com




Hints & Tips from Experts

Defense in Depth -- Guardian Digital is pleased to provide Behind the Shield readers with informative expert advice on what network security really means. Each month a new topic of interest will be chosen to supply you with useful tips and information not offered elsewhere. This month, we’ll have a brief discussion on the importance of multi-layered network security.

"Defense in depth" is a term used to describe how much security is enough. To ensure the highest level of protection, a system should encompass multi-layered security features as opposed to a single method. Guardian Digital products are designed with this philosophy in mind. Using integrated security features such as intrusion detection, gateway firewall services, advanced authentication mechanisms, encryption methods and the Guardian Digital Secure Network for consistent updates and maintenance, system compromises become virtually impossible.

Partner Profile

Through international partners including iTS LiNUX in the United Kingdom, Guardian Digital is able to provide their productivity and security solutions to customers worldwide.

iTS-LiNUX is one of UK's best known and most respected Linux solution providers. They offer high quality professional services to an increasing number of corporate clients, local government organizations and universities. Founded in August 2000 iTS-LiNUX is based in the North West of England.

iTS-LiNUX partnered with Guardian Digital because of the excellent quality of work embodied in EnGarde Secure Linux. Every installation of EnGarde has proved to be a resounding success, not only because of the security and management model employed, but also the responsiveness of Guardian Digital to the ever changing requirements of our customers. EnGarde is always the first choice for our engineers.