Integrated Security and Productivity Features

Robust and Reliable Plug-and-Play Solution

Within minutes you can easily integrate EnGarde Secure Professional and EnGarde Secure Workgroup into an existing corporate environment, or expand to new departments that were limited due to licensing fees and lack of resources. Virtually eliminate the need for dedicated network administrators.

Simple and Secure Remote Administration

The WebTool abstracts the difficult process of configuring a secure system, easing system setup and administration.

Secure Remote Access

Allow mobile users to securely access their email and corporate data using the PPTP 128-bit encrypted virtual private networking. The Web-manageable interface provided with EnGarde enables the ability for remote users to dial into a local Internet service provider to connect securely to their corporate network through the Internet.

Filesystem and Resource Quota Support

EnGarde Secure Workgroup includes the ability to restrict the amount of disk space available to a particular user or group. In addition, EnGarde can limit the amount of memory, number of processes, and other aspects of your EnGarde system, all through a Web-based manager.

Broadband Connectivity

The point-and-click interface provided by EnGarde Secure Workgroup enables easy connectivity to DSL routers and Cable modems for inexpensive access to the Internet.

Secure Cross-Platform Support

Using the File and Print Manager, create a seamless replacement for Windows(r) NT or 2000 file and print services, including Primary Domain Controller support. Exchange information between clients using the Web-manageable FTP server. Effortlessly manage user and group accounts and file system quotas.

Automatic Network Management

EnGarde Secure Workgroup configures your internal network using DHCP to automatically configure clients to obtain IP address information, eliminating the need for client management.

Effortless Backup System

Avert data loss disasters with the versatile backup solution. Schedule a full or incremental system backup to local tape or download to remote workstation.

Connection Sharing and Address Translation

Dynamic and static address translation included with EnGarde Secure Professional enable hosts with unregistered IP addresses to function as Internet-addressable hosts. The gateway firewall feature protects internal hosts from unauthorized access. Spoofing detection seamlessly protects internal hosts against spoofing attacks by hostile untrusted hosts.

Email Services and WebMail

Securely access corporate email using secure IMAP and POP. Use a standard Web browser in secure mode to access corporate email while on the road or away from your desktop.