Webshare Manager Features

Comprehensive Calendaring & Appointment Scheduler
Guardian Digital WebShare Manager’s calendaring and appointment module allows users to see all appointments and deadlines with group calendaring, view current day’s appointments, avoid overbooking appointment time with appointment conflict controls, configure email confirmation and appointment reminders, and much more.

Project & Task Management-
Significantly improve the productivity and time organization of assigned projects and tasks with the project and task management component of Guardian Digital WebShare Manager. Append task reminders, project goals and relevant comments to each project or task to fully ensure a team or company-wide understanding of the particular assignment. Effortlessly categorize tasks for a quick and organized view of delegated, past due, or weekly responsibilities.

Addressbooks & Contact Management-
Create a comprehensive contact index using a combination of description fields including name, address, email, telephone, company details, website, birthday, and notes. Protect sensitive contact information and easily search through vast contact indexes using public and private access controls, searchable lists, and contact grouping components.

Virtual Group Conference & Note Management
Dismiss the tediousness of email by displaying important information, group-wide notes, or company news available for the entire group to view and respond to on one screen.

Shared File Database
Common file access stores universal project files presented for all participants to view. Guarantees the consistent availability of project-critical documents to authorized project team members.

Comprehensive Webmail-
Securely access corporate email using popular web-browsers to conduct business-critical communications from any location. Personal contacts can be retrieved from and added to WebShare Manager’s integrated contact database quickly and easily.