Integrated Security and Productivity Features

Secure Remote Access

Utilizing the industry-standard IPsec implementation, Guardian Digital Secure VPN Server Suite allows branch offices and mobile users to securely connect and communicate with an organization's internal network. Connectivity options including 2000/XP client, or Guardian Digital's award-winning IPsec-compliant client for more robust protection, ensures information transmitted will be free from eavesdropping.

Virtual Certificate Manager

Enhance network security by creating your own Certificate Authority to validate the accuracy of data on digital certificates. Unique to Guardian Digital, this comprehensive management tool also provides an easy method for maintaining the certificates of all office workers and allows the administrator to easily revoke certificates from disabled or expired accounts.

Workgroup VPN Support

Encrypted communications enhances security for small workgroups using popular groupware systems including that of Microsoft Windows without additional client licenses.

Secure VPN Client Support

The combination of industry-standard encryption and security enable secure client-to-client or client-to-gateway communications over TCP/IP networks and dial-up connections. Support for all current Windows platforms. Personal firewall capabilities using market-leading ZoneAlarm protect remote office workers from prying eyes and malicious activity on insecure networks.

Integrated Network Intrusion Detection

This powerful security feature gives you the flexibility to choose categories of alerts to watch, produce graphs of results (numbers of attacks) over time, and view all alerts from particular host or by alert type, giving you everything you need to defend against the Internet's most popular threats.

Gateway Firewall Protection

Maintain the security of online assets and protect the integrity of your internal network with technologically advanced firewall protection. This robust integration of security features creates a highly secure Internet gateway for all active connections.

Industry-leading Remote Access Client

Next generation remote access client software offers unparalleled extended features to remote access users connecting to the corporate VPN. Windows client compatibility, including Windows XP and personal firewall capabilities deliver a combination of industry-standard technologies providing corporations an unmatched solution to complete and secure remote access.