Secure List Port Features

Automated List Management
Save time and lower costs with simplified automated management of mailing lists.

Simplified Web-based Management
Effortlessly manage thousands of mailing lists & subscribers. Manage and remove bad subscription addresses, selectively moderate, and accept or deny
subscribers. User-friendly interface allows administrators to monitor activity and maintain the system easily.

Enhanced Security
Three tiered password protection & SSL support provide unparalleled security for mailing all mailing lists.

Efficient Mail Transfer with Built in SMTP Client Library
Not requiring an external program to send mail, all mailing list messages can be sent quickly and will not inhibit the sending of other corporate messages.

Supports Effective and Flexible User Access Controls
Selectively allow end users to maintain their own accounts lessening tedious administrative duties.

Daily Report Summary & Viewable List Archives
View daily reports to see statistics regarding mailing lists including number of users, number of messages being sent, and per-user statistics.