Multi-tiered Security Features

Advanced Spam and Virus Protection

Comprehensive spam protection incorporates next-generation statistical analysis filtering, the latest technology in the fight against unsolicited mail. Accurately determining whether the message being analyzed is spam or legitimate mail, Guardian Digitalís spam protection boasts up to 99% effectiveness with a substantial decrease in false positives. Intelligent auto-learn capability scrutinizes individual message characteristics and learns new techniques by spammers so your inbox is consistently protected.

Guardian Digitalís high performance virus detection system provides integrated protection for enterprise and small business networks. Protecting against common as well as unknown viruses, this powerful security feature detects and disinfects viruses through on demand and scheduled virus scanning and file scanning. Frequent automatic updates keep your network provide consistent protection from the latest viruses.

Integrated Authentication and Encrypted Connectivity

Provides multi-layered protection from unauthorized access, privacy threats and corporate confidentiality concerns. Sophisticated authentication mechanisms ensure the system is being accessed by only authorizes users while industry standards encryption techniques eliminate the threat of eavesdropping or message interception.

Email Firewall

Protect internal mail systems from potentially harmful email. Provides another layer of protection by screening all messages before they enter the internal network.

Sophisticated Access Control Methods

Protect access to corporate mail systems by users, other mail servers, and unknown entities in multiple ways.

Corporate Content Policy Management

Using sophisticated policies for detecting specific attachments types, email administrators can accept or reject email based on the actual data type or information in the header of the email. Eliminate the threat executable files, macro files, and others cause by preventing them from entering the corporate network.

Comprehensive Auditing & Reporting

Detailed graphical system reports provide information necessary to expedite troubleshooting, create scalable email systems, identify problematic users and receive email usage summary statistics.