Integrated Productivity Features

Web-based Group Collaboration

Use Guardian Digital WebShare Manager to effectively collaborate with office associates.


Enable mail access through the Web securely from remote locations using popular Web browsers. This easy to configure and manage application includes support for attachments, address books, folder manipulation, and complete compatibility with the IMAP and SMTP protocols. Modular in its design, additional components can be plugged in to provide spell checking capability, LDAP server connectivity, and others.

Centralized Directory Access

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) provides organizations with a simple method for accessing user information on a network. Create scalable enterprise address books and contact databases. Authenticate roaming mail users and provide access to TLS secure digital certificates for sending mail remotely using corporate mail server. Built-in public-key interface (PKI) provides Web-based management of an organization's email digital certificates, including revocation ability. Ensure corporate mail resources are only utilized by authorized users. Encrypted transactions ensure directory information is transmitted securely, free from being intercepted. (Corporate and Enterprise versions only)

Mailing List Manager

Using the Guardian Digital Secure List Port, administrators can configure mailing lists for distributing email messages to groups of users. This dynamic and powerful package provides everything necessary to create interactive email message boards for distributing email to potentially thousands of users. Featuring remote administration capabilities, engineered to be secure, and easy to configure, this message board software provides a robust communication tool.

Vacation Auto-Away Messages

Using the automatic mail answering program, users can configure their own messages that are sent to correspondents when the user is unavailable. Web-based management provides an easy-to-use interface.