Proxy Management

Gateway Firewall

Protect corporate interests by controlling access to incoming and outgoing network traffic. Data hiding using Network Address Translation (NAT) along with port forwarding and application-level access restrictions provide bulletproof protection for internal networks.

High Performance Web Cache

Stores frequently used web objects conserving bandwidth and protecting servers from having to enter the Internet more than once.

Smart Application Filters & User Access Reporting

Create groups of users authorized to access Internet resources and restrict access to certain applications such as executables, Real Audio, NetMeeting and MP3 files. Receive extensive reporting and usage information including hourly, daily and monthly statistics. Pinpoint high data transfer offenders, enforce corporate compliance policies and increase user and system efficacy.

Comprehensive Access Control Methods

Increase user efficiency and enforce corporate policies by restricting or allowing users to access Internet resources. Restrict access to unauthorized or inappropriate websites or allow access to only certain sites. Add or remove new sites from those previously-visited listed on reporting screen.

Application Proxies

Enables users behind a firewall to access resources outside the network while still maintaining system security requirements. Enables support for common protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Real Networks and other multi-media.

Web User Privacy Filtering

Maintain privacy and security while using Internet resources by customizing how much information is revealed. Characteristics such as content length and type, date and host type can be filtered out to secure user privacy.

Virus Protection

Scheduled or consistent real-time scanning checks incoming data as it enters the proxy and alerts user of potential viruses. Intelligent technology only scans malicious content and immediately cleanses the data if possible. Can be kept automatically up-to-date with protection against the very latest virus threats.

Web Content Filtering

Restrict access to inappropriate websites to increase user productivity by neutralizing Internet distractions and reduce unlawful bandwidth use. Subscription based site management includes pre-configured lists of blocked sites and a multitude of categories.

Bandwidth Investment Protection

Control accesses by protocol from specific hosts to endure internal users are not consuming valuable bandwidth. Allows administrators to ensure that bandwidth resources are allocated properly and effectively.

Protection from Internet Threats

Keep network secure and effective with protection from spoofing, denial of service, Trojan horse attacks, ICMP attacks and portscan detection.

Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall

Preconfigured to be secure with no configuration necessary, this application inspects each packet for malicious content and will accept or reject the whole request based on each individual packet examination. If one packet is malicious or incorrect, the whole request is denied, keeping your system consistently secure.

Publish Internal Resources to the Internet

Make internal resources available to external users through port forwarding. Traffic is filtered before entering the network and authentication techniques assure only authorized users gain access.