Secure Message Management


Securely access corporate email from anywhere using the most popular web browsers. Easily configure to support addressbooks, attachments and folder manipulation.

Group Collaboration

Guardian Digitial WebShare Manager allows collaboration with office associates. Provides calendaring, scheduling, addressbook, appointment management, project management, message board, and contact management functions.

Centralized Directory Access (LDAP)

Provides organizations with the ability to retrieve user-specific information on a network. Create highly scalable addressbooks and contact databases. Built in public key interface (PKI) provides simple management of an organizations digital certificates. Authenticate roaming mail users to ensure corporate mail resources are utilized only by authorized users. Encrypted transactions ensure directory information is transmitted securely and eliminates the threat of message interception.

Attachment Management

Strips potentially harmful attachment from emails to ensure malicious content never makes it inside your network.

Content Filtering

Sophisticated policies are used to analyze multitudes of characteristics within an email enabling administrators to control messages that enter and exit the network. Allows administrators to accept or reject messages based on data type or information in the header of the email. Strip potentially malicious content from an email. Eliminates the threat of macro files and protects networks from potentially harmful attachments.

Queue Management

Queue management provides the ability for administrators to configure and monitor specific details of messages currently stored in the queue. Manage and control aspects of how mail is stored, providing flexible and powerful message management.

Comprehensive Junk Email Protection

Multifaceted protection combined with sophisticated end user controls and comprehensive authentication mechanisms provide an impenetrable barrier between spammers and a user's inbox. Features include envelope and content analysis, personal blacklists/whitelists, heuristic systems, malicious content filtering, and next generation statistical filtering techniques. Increase user productivity while decreasing the threat of viruses transmitted through email with this complete, cost effective application.

Integrated Anti-virus Protection

Protects system integrity through detection and disinfection of commonly encountered executable viruses. On-demand and scheduled virus scanning, archive compressed file scanning, automated updates, graphical management tools and centralized reporting of virus incidents provide the applications and information administrators need to eliminate virus threats.

Email Encryption

Control access to mail systems using TLS digital certificates by specifying explicit remote networks or domains using local or remote LDAP database. Sophisticated encryption techniques encode email messages to eliminate the threat of eavesdropping and alleviate corporate confidentiality concerns.

Daily Graphs and Status Reports

Access daily summaries of all email activity including user particular statistics. Analyze all email traffic statistics including bandwidth used and types of messages being sent and received. Enforce corporate email policies, pinpoint and quickly handle potential problems and provide accountability for unauthorized use.

Electronic Mail Server

Engineered to provide security and stability and can control email for hundreds of domains with the click of the mouse. Mail can be retrieved in a secure format using conventional mail clients. Additional security improvements have been made including protection from common threats as well as restricting unsolicited email. Secure IMAP and POP3-SSL Secured IMAP and POP3 are fully supported to help increase the security of personal email.

Email Server Aliasing

Gives the administrator the ability to add email server aliases, allowing the creation of thousands of virtual email domains