Intrusion Detection

Graphical Real-time & Periodic Reports

Easy to follow charts and graphs provide administrators with the current security status of the system. Information relevant to frequency of attacks, attacks originating from a particular IP address and an analysis of alerts gives the administrators the data necessary to track potential offenders. Save time and money by allocating resources to the most critical systems and be able to make educated decisions about changing security policies.

Attack Severity Rating

Assigns a degree assessment onto each attack to alert administrators where to designate resources, eliminating the guesswork.

Updated Attack Signatures

Frequently updated attack signatures ensure consistent security of the system. Notification of new signatures along with the description, severity and nature of the threat significantly reduce false positives.

Threat Classification & Granular Control

Categorize and customize threats particular to an individual organization. Increases detection capabilities and reduces false positives. Monitor user capabilities such as chat, multimedia and pornography from the network increasing productivity and eliminating potential Internet threats.