Core Internet Services

Web-based Management System

The Guardian Digital WebTool helps organizations leverage resources and lower IT costs by allowing even the most novice Linux user to configure and set up a secure system. The simple and secure remote administration capabilities ease everyday administration duties by monitoring security activity, helping to build websites and assisting with DNS and other Internet services.

Unlimited Virtual Domains

This scalable application allows you to create email, DNS and Web domains quickly and easily. As an organization grows, more domains can be added to suit its needs.

Auditing System

The IPS auditing system provides real-time system analysis along with statistical and diagnostic information. Determine the effectiveness of your network, provide accountability for unauthorized use and pinpoint potential system problems. These statistics include processor utilization, CPU and system temperature, inbound and outbound traffic and services currently running.

Network Diagnostic Tools

Provide comprehensive information on the working status of applications and ways to troubleshoot any problems. Identify and eradicate problems quickly and easily.

Comprehensive Back-up & Recovery System

Protect stored information by downloading and archiving data to local workstations or by using the tape back-up support system. This preventative feature protects valuable corporate information and saves substantial time and money when recovering from an unfortunate disk failures.

Broadband Connectivity

A super fast, secure connection turns any DSL or cable modem into an efficient and effective Internet presence. Load web pages and download large files quickly and securely with no additional configuration or software necessary.

Sophisticated Access Control Methods

The IPS security control center helps administrators manage SSH & SSL keys, configure firewalling and port forwarding capabilities as well as fine tune access and security methods quickly and easily. Detailed access logs assist in determining who is using the system and allows administrators to account for unauthorized use.

Unsurpassed Protection From Internet Threats

Protect system integrity and keep corporate information confidential by eliminating the occurrence of the most common Internet threats. Multifaceted security features prevent the threat of eavesdropping, spoofing, denial of service, Trojan horse attacks and many more.

Powerful Host Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Using highly reliable applications such as Tripwire and the Linux Intrusion Detection System (LIDS), unauthorized system access is virtually eliminated, keeping corporate interests and system integrity safe.

Domain Name Service

Manage DNS for thousands of domains for external users trying to access virtual websites.

Web-server Aliasing

Has the ability to create thousands of virtual websites from the same IP address.

Browser-Based Administration

Browser-based secure remote administration can be performed using the Guardian Digital WebTool. The GD WebTool provides security through a 1024-bit SSL connection and allows an administrator to perform 100% of the functions that could previously only be performed from the command line.

System Logging and Auditing

Extensive logging is performed to insure that you have the latest system information.

Host Security

Security of the host itself has been significantly increased. Enforcement of longer user passwords, control expiration dates and utilization of the latest in advanced forms of password encryption close one of the most common and easily exploitable means of intrusion.

PHP Embedded Scripting

The PHP HTML embedded scripting language makes it easy for developers to create dynamically-generated Web pages. PHP also offers built-in database integration for database management systems, providing the ability to produce database-enabled Web pages with a short learning curve.

Database Support

Provides a true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL (Structured Query Language) database server, enabling users and applications to create robust interactive Web sites.

Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Support

The administrator has the ability to enable CGI-based dynamic Web content on an individual virtual server basis.