Real-time Graphical Reporting Features

Attacks Originating from a Specific IP Address

Gain information necessary to block offenders or adjust firewall and security policy settings. Detect and identify attack methods including information leaks, attempts to take control of network devices, protocol attacks, suspicious traffic, and more.

Analysis of Alerts by Classification

Attacks grouped by their classification can be used to determine if a particular type of attack may be applicable to the systems on your network.

Least Common and Most Frequently Occurring Attacks

Develop a comprehensive analysis on current attack trends to make informed decisions on allocating resources to most critical systems. Analyze attacks by service, while recording and reviewing malicious activity against network services in an attempt to compromise the host.

Attacks Over Time

Monitor activity to make decisions on security policy changes as your security infrastructure evolves. Contact us today to learn how we can help your company maintain the security of your online assets.