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Internet Defense and Detection System
Security Protection Beyond the Firewall

Internet Defense and Detection System (IDDS) provides a comprehensive system for detecting and analyzing network traffic for suspicious or possibly damaging activity. Intrusion Detection Systems are a critical component of any network. A key step in building a robust security policy is to first determine what legitimate activity is and being able to recognize malicious traffic. The IDDS can be used to identify malicious traffic and provide information necessary to stop future intruders.

Sophisticated data correlation abilities, regularly updated intrusion signatures, combined with real-time event reporting provide administrators with all the information necessary to leverage security resources while consistently defending networked systems and preventing future attacks.

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Product Overview

Guardian Digital Internet Defense and Detection System combines powerful intrusion detection and prevention in one cohesive system. A robust security solution for any network, IDDS analyzes network potentially malicious activity and redirects or resets the connections of offending IP addresses before harmful data has the opportunity to disrupt the network, reducing the number of Internet threats and immediately making systems significantly less vulnerable.


Internet Defense and Detection Benefits Summary:

  • Integrated Intrusion Detection and Prevention Modules
  • Industry-Standard Intrusion Applications Including Snort & Tripwire
  • Significant Reduction of False Positives
  • Detection & Prevention of Known and Unknown Attacks
  • Simplified Configuration, Management & Maintenance
  • Granular Control Over Alert Types
  • Optimization of IT Resources
  • Protection for Critical Infrastructure, Servers & Applications
  • Flexible, Resilient Open Source Architecture
  • Consistently Secure and Updated with Guardian Digital Secure Network Services
  • Cost-effective, Significantly Reduce IT & Support Costs
  • Comprehensive Support Services

IDS Detailed Monthly Report

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