Integrated Security and Productivity Features

Comprehensive Intrusion Detection

Internet Defense and Detection System's comprehensive intrusion detection module analyzes traffic on an organization's network or at their gateway for abnormal and potentially malicious activity, mitigating risk from debilitating vulnerabilities.

Powerful Intrusion Prevention

Quickly reduce the number of Internet threats and immediately make your system less vulnerable to attack. Working seamlessly with intrusion detection module, the intrusion prevention component is alerted when security breach is detected and proactively terminates the attempt before harmful data has the opportunity to disrupt the network.

Simplified Web-based Management

Internet Defense and Detection System's web-based management consol provides administrators with powerful, consistent, and easy maintenance. Effortlessly, generate HTML reports, configure alert types, define network settings, and more.

Attack Severity Rating System

The innovative attack severity rating application maximizes security resources and eliminates guesswork by accurately determining the individual level of risk for existing security threats, allowing administrators to determine the most prudent course of action for every potential attack.

Granular Control Over Alert Types

Increase detection capabilities and decrease the occurrence of false threats with intrusion alert controls. Correlate event data in the context of vulnerable platforms to ensure resources are being allocated to legitimate threats, optimizing network security and performance.

Thousands of Separate Attack Signatures

Proactively defend your network with thousands of separate attack signatures. IDDS includes a pre-defined list of known and unknown worms, viruses, etc. Administrators can utilize this information to effectively identify an attacker's attempt to exploit a system or applications vulnerability and quickly ascertain risk.