Integrated Security and Productivity Features

Integrated Network Intrusion Detection

Identifies when an attack is attempted against your network with thousands of attack signatures continuously updated. Provides graphs of attacks by classification, service type, and attack severity. Reports summarize activity over time.

Virus Scanning

Scan incoming data as it streams through the proxy, alerting the user of potential virus, cleaning it if possible. Intelligent scanning improves performance by only scanning malicious content.

User Access Control

Create groups of users permitted to use Internet resources. Restrict access to unauthorized sites or permit access to only specific sites. Add or remove new sites from previously-visited sites listed on reporting screen.

Gateway Firewall Protection

Suitable for organizations seeking to protect their internal network. Data-hiding using Network Address Translation (NAT) protects internal assets. Port forwarding and application-level access restrictions create highly secure fortress at the Internet gateway.

Application Control

Allow or deny access to specific media types, such as executables, Real Audio, NetMeeting, streaming media, MP3 files, etc.

Sophisticated Resource Control

Restrict access to specific sites using allow and deny patterns. Control access to sites with inappropriate content and use keywords to define HTTP and FTP filters.

Multiple Proxy Authentication Methods

Use an existing NT Domain Controller, LDAP server or local authentication to provide authentication information, or create local users and assign access privileges to them.

Virtual Certificate Manager

Create your own Certificate Authority to provide an easy method for maintaining digital certificates of all office workers. Easily revoke certificates from disabled or expired accounts.