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Guardian Digital EnGarde Secure Linux

Performance and Stability Meet Security

Users familiar with the history of Linux have become accustomed to its stability, versatility, and scalability. Now, with EnGarde Secure Linux, Guardian Digital has added unsurpassed security and usability.

EnGarde Secure Linux is a comprehensive solution that provides all the tools necessary to build a complete online presence, including DNS, Web, and e-mail services. EnGarde reduces the time and resources required to create a secure online presence.

Guardian Digital, the first Open Source security company, engineered EnGarde from the ground up to be secure. Comprised of a unique collection of Open Source tools coupled with the security expertise of Guardian Digital, EnGarde addresses the need for applications where security, reliability, and ease of management are necessary.

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Customer Testimonials

With Guardian Digital and EnGarde, I am able to sleep better at night and focus my resources on managing the business and travel needs of Sony's corporate travelers.

— Karen Savitch, manager, Sony Entertainment Group Travel Division

I did not consider any other operating system after trying EnGarde. It is unquestionably the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution out there.

— Ken Romero, Cisco Systems Engineer & Founder of

I appreciate the security updates your guys provide - it makes it SO much easier to keep the OS intact, secure, and up to date. Please keep it up! This is the BEST secure Linux around.

— Doug Munsinger, Open Source Community Member

I've installed and used 9 distros of Linux/Unix/BSD and found that from an Internet Server Administrator standpoint, EnGarde is FAR AND AWAY the BEST distro available!...adding elation to satisfaction, my questions seems to get answered within MINUTES rather than DAYS or WEEKS! I AM IMPRESSED!!!

— Bob Compton, Consultant


This is the greatest and most secure distribution out there. I am going to continue to run this on my web servers for a long time.

— Josh Roller, System Administrator

It has been one of the most seamless integrations I've ever handled, and would gladly recommend it for any size organization requiring a real turn key solution with the expertise, and professionalism that it requires. Our network has never been this secure.

— Carlos Ramos, IT Director, Implex Corporation

EnGarde combines security and ease of use into a single server solution. Why spend time configuring other less comprehensive solutions when Guardian Digital offers a secure out of the box solution?

— Dave Coder manager of network services, Chicago Stock Exchange

EnGarde was perfect because it provides us with the security we demand, functionality we need, and provided a flawless transition by still allowing employees to operate Windows at the desktop level.

— Senior Corporate Liaison, Community Home Entertainment


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