Integrated Productivity Features

Web Services

EnGarde's comprehensive web services allow administrators to quickly create unlimited Web and SSL secured domains while configuring FTP, DNS and other common network services in minutes. Easily create, manage and maintain thousands of virtual websites through the Guardian Digital simplified web-based management system.

Electronic Mail Server

The included email server has been engineered to provide security and stability and can control email for hundreds of domains with a click of the mouse. Using conventional email clients, mail can be retrieved quickly and securely. Additional security improvements have been made including protection from common threats as well as restricting unsolicited and potentially harmful email.

High-speed Internet Connectivity

While suitable for any Internet connection, EnGarde Secure Linux combined with cable or DSL high-speed Internet connectivity makes it quick and easy to build an inexpensive online presence. Increase user productivity and speed and functionality of web services.

Database Support

The included database server provides a true multi-user, multi-threaded database server enabling users and applications to create robust interactive websites and powerful e-commerce storefronts.

Web Server & Email Aliasing

Manage and organize corporate websites and email communications quickly and easily. EnGarde's web server aliasing component allows administrators to create thousands of virtual websites to distinctly display and organize all business-critical information from a single IP address. EnGarde also gives the administrator the ability to add email server aliases, allowing the creation of thousands of virtual email domains to provide simplified management for collaborative office email communications.