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Guardian Digital EnGarde Secure Linux

Performance and Stability Meet Security

Users familiar with the history of Linux have become accustomed to its stability, versatility, and scalability. Now, with EnGarde Secure Linux, Guardian Digital has added unsurpassed security and usability.

EnGarde Secure Linux is a comprehensive solution that provides all the tools necessary to build a complete online presence, including DNS, Web, and e-mail services. EnGarde reduces the time and resources required to create a secure online presence.

Guardian Digital, the first Open Source security company, engineered EnGarde from the ground up to be secure. Comprised of a unique collection of Open Source tools coupled with the security expertise of Guardian Digital, EnGarde addresses the need for applications where security, reliability, and ease of management are necessary.

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Product Overview

EnGarde Secure Professional is an enterprise class Linux platform engineered from the ground up to enable corporations to quickly and securely build a complete and totally secure Internet presence while preventing Internet threats. Combining stability, versatility, scalability and unmatched security; EnGarde can be quickly configured for enterprise use as a web, DNS, FTP, email or database server where security is a primary concern.

EnGarde Secure Linux Feature Benefit Summary:

  • Quickly & Effortlessly Build a Complete and Totally Secure Internet Presence
  • Engineered Security
  • Flexible, Versatile & Resilient Open Source Architecture
  • Simplified Web-based Management
  • Instant Security Reports, System Status Information, and Automatic Software Updates
  • Protection Against Data Loss
  • Compatibility with Thousands of Existing Software Packages
  • Advanced Levels of Protection from Internal and External Threats
  • Utilizes Industry-proven Standards-based Technologies
  • Consistently Secure and Updated with Guardian Digital Secure Network Services
  • Cost-effective, Significantly Reduce IT & Support Costs
  • Comprehensive Support Services

Easily configure through secure Web interface!

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