Integrated System Defenses

Powerful Network & Host Intrusion Detection

Ensure system integrity using industry-standard, open source intrusion detection applications. This web-manageable feature helps administrators track potential intruders and prevent unauthorized system access and virtually eliminate the threat of system intrusions.

Gateway Firewall Services

Provide an unsurpassed level of security at the gateway. EnGarde gives administrators the tools they need to build a bulletproof packet firewall to protect the integrity of your network from malicious activity and cyber vandals.

Sophisticated Access Control Methods

The EnGarde security control center helps administrators configure firewalling and port forwarding capabilities as well as fine tune access and security methods quickly and easily. Detailed access logs assist in determining who is using the system and allows administrators to account for unauthorized use.

Back-up and Recovery System

Protect stored information by downloading and archiving data to local workstations or by using the tape back-up support system. This preventative feature protects valuable corporate information and saves substantial time and money when recovering from an unfortunate disk failure.

Host Security

Next-generation authentication mechanisms and user controls increase the security of the host itself by enforcing stronger user passwords, control expiration dates and by utilizing the latest in advanced forms of password encryption. Effortlessly prevent one of the most common and easily exploitable means of intrusion.

Secure Shell Accounts

EnGarde permits only encrypted remote access, effectively creating a virtual private network between the client and the EnGarde Server. Through the use of secure shell accounts users can securely connect to an EnGarde system from anywhere on the Internet. The Secure Shell provides a secure encrypted communications link with from a remote location, eliminating the risk previously found in other remote access methods.