Multifaceted Virus Protection

On-demand & Scheduled Scanning
Perform virus scanning anytime to ensure maximum protection from all email communication. Scheduled virus scanning lessens administrative duties by automatically performing virus checks at a specified time.

Archive & Compressed File Scanning
CAPE center virus scanning provides effective detection of email borne viruses in messages sent with compressed file attachments or files that have been archived.

Automatic Updates
Through Guardian Digital Secure Network, Cape Center’s virus protection module always encompasses the latest technologies to thwart the latest types of email borne viruses.

Detection & Disinfection of Commonly Encountered Executable Viruses
When identified, Guardian Digital CAPE center will correct commonly encountered viruses if possible. If the virus can not be disinfected, it will be quarantined and the administrator notified.

Centralized Reporting of Virus Incidents
Through CAPE center’s innovative auditing and graphical reporting system, identified viruses will be recorded and placed in a single report for administrators to view