Comprehensive Spam Protection

Envelope & Content Analysis
Ensures message safety by critically analyzing all aspects of a message for indicators of policy violations and spam patterns.

Heuristic System
Eliminates false positives by analyzing and combining multiple characteristics of a message to make educated filtering decisions.

Blacklists / Whitelists
Effortlessly block known offenders & patterns identified in real-time at per-user and per-server level while ensuring messages from legitimate senders always reach their destination.

Foreign Language Filter
Set multiple local languages to ensure legitimate messages containing those specified foreign languages are not marked as spam and are appropriately received.

Real-time Blackhole Lists
Ensure optimum protection from known spammers with regularly updatedInternet lists of repeat spam offenders.

Malicious Content Filter
Greatly improve the speed and efficiency of the mail system and protect end usersfrom opening potentially damaging email by blocking messages containing malicious content before being processed by the mail delivery system.

Trusted Senders List
Enables the designation of particular addresses to be immune to filtering techniques, thereby allowing them to enter mail folders unimpeded, resulting in fewer false positives.

Next-generation Statistical Analysis Filtering
Utilizing next generation spam combating techniques, CAPE center mathematically identifies and eliminates junk mail using comprehensive statistical methods. Intelligent auto-learn module is included to scrutinizes individual message characteristics to learn new techniques used by spammers resulting in increased efficacy, accuracy and the lowest occurrence of false positives.

Sophisticated End-User Controls
Storing all filtered email, administrators can permit end users to go through quarantined mail to check for false positives, if necessary.

Low-level Network Protection
CAPE center operates at server-level, protecting entire organization and eliminating email client compatibility concerns.

Rapidly-evolving Protection
Responding to the ever-changing techniques of spammers, filtering technologies are updated regularly to thwart latest spammer methods keeping inboxes consistently free of unsolicited email.

Comprehensive Auditing & Reporting System
Graphical reports provide administrators with all the information necessary to verify effectiveness & proper resource management. Pinpoint potential system or user problems quickly and provide accountability for unauthorized use.