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Content and Policy Enforcement Center (CAPE)

Comprehensive Spam, Virus, and Corporate Policy Protection


Powering the email security operations of Guardian Digital Secure Mail Suite, Content and Policy Enforcement (CAPE) Center is distinctive in its approach, bringing together the most technologically advanced open source developments, a multitude of standards-based security solutions, and the ingenuity and security expertise of Guardian Digital, to create a cohesive, multi-layered enterprise email defense solution. Protecting against spam, viruses, malicious code, and hazardous file attachments, offensive content, and corporate policy violations, Guardian Digital CAPE center is proven to be the most vigilant approach to email security.

Unlike traditional “single-purpose” security solutions, Guardian Digital CAPE center provides comprehensive spam, virus, and corporate policy protection at each application layer delivering greater efficiency, consistently higher levels of protection, and dramatically reduced operational costs than its proprietary counterpart.

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Features & Benefits

Distinctive in design and unparalleled in performance the multi-layer CAPE center protects users from all forms of email borne threats by combining the best open source security applications with the security expertise of Guardian Digital.

More then just a spam filter, CAPE center integrates multiple email defense features to protect from malicious code, unsolicited email, inappropriate content and much more!

Comprehensive Spam Protection

  • Envelope & Content Analysis
  • Heuristic System
  • BlackLists / WhiteLists
  • Foreign Language Filter
  • Real-Time Blackhole Lists
  • Malicious Content Filter
  • Trusted Senders Lists
  • Next-generation Statistical Analysis
  • Sophisticated End-User Controls
  • Low Level Network Protection
  • Rapidly Evolving Protection
  • Comprehensive Auditing and Reporting

Multifaceted Virus Protection

  • On-demand & Scheduled Scanning
  • Archive & Compressed File Scanning
  • Automated Updates
  • Detection & Disinfection of Commonly Encountered Executable Viruses
  • Centralized Reporting of Virus Incidents
Advanced Authentication Methods
  • Digital Certificates
  • Local or Remote LDAP Database
  • POP-Before-SMTP


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