Administration and Configuration Support Tiers

Please refer to the information below to determine the Tier of technical support included with your EnGarde Secure Linux or corresponding application suite purchase.

Tier I Support
Basic Installation & Configuration Support
Tier I Support is included with all professional versions of EnGarde Secure Linux and corresponding security suites. It is designed to assist clients with the initial installation and configuration of their EnGarde server to ensure it is performing properly. Anything beyond basic installation and configuration would fall into subsequent categories of support.

Tier II Support
Administration Support
Tier II Support is included with Standard and Enterprise versions of EnGarde Secure Linux and corresponding security suites. Support inquiries falling into this category would include maintenance issues and/or the desire of the client to alter the current configuration to allow the EnGarde server to perform additional tasks not included with the initial configuration.

Tier III Support
Remote Administration Support
Tier III Support is included with Enterprise versions of EnGarde Secure Linux and corresponding security suites. It incorporates all services offered in Tier I & II Support and also includes a service allowing Guardian Digital engineers to access a clients server for diagnostic evaluations only. This Tier of support is ideal for situations where clients are unable to determine or explain the technical support issues to a support services representative. Once a diagnosis has been ascertained the representative will provide the client with a detailed description on how the problem can be fixed.

Tier IV Support
Managed Services
Tier IV Support is the most comprehensive support option available including all of the services offered in Tier I, II, & III Support. This level of support is not readily included with any version of EnGarde Secure Linux but can be obtained through a services contract with Guardian Digital. A managed services, or Tier IV Support contract allows Guardian Digital to assume all responsibility for the administration and maintenance of a client’s EnGarde server. Our expert engineers will provide all services from vulnerability assessment and security monitoring to installing updates and performing upgrades.

For more information on our managed services please visit:

** Upon contract expiration Tier II and III support can be purchased on an annual or per-incident basis. Tier IV Support contracts must be renewed on a yearly basis unless otherwise arranged.**