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Guardian Digital Secure Network Software Maintenance Manager

Guardian Digital's Secure Network (GDSN) Software Maintenance Manager is a means to keep your systems updated while at the same time receiving authoritative advice, information, andadditional services from the experts. As you focus on building your Internet presence, Guardian Digital experts focus on developing system improvements to assure you are protected from cyber vandals. Guardian Digital has a dedicated group of security experts that both monitor security sources on a constant basis to identify potential vulnerabilities as well as actively audit the core components of EnGarde Secure Linux, improving the overall security it provides.


  • Customized Security Improvements
  • Update Notification Alerts
  • Software Updates

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Features & Benefits

Guardian Digital Secure Network is the best and easiest way to protect your network investment and lower support costs, while at the same time improving the security and functionality of your EnGarde server. Available on a per annum basis for each purchased system and includes:

  • Software Updates: Automatically deliver updated features to one server or your entire enterprise.
  • Customized Security Improvements: GDSN updates tailored to the specific requirements of your system
  • Update Notification Alerts: Receive notification of security updates and software upgrades via email, pager, or directly through the Guardian Digital WebTool.
  • Additional Services: Custom services, new features, and more!

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