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Guardian Digital 2000 Performance Series

The Guardian Digital Linux Lockbox is the first Open Source network server appliance designed to serve as a complete secure Internet solution. Specifically designed for companies seeking to build a secure web presence incorporating full-featured eBusiness sites and bulletproof network security, Guardian Digital’s appliances provide any organization with a comprehensive suite of tools to efficiently and easily configure a new storefront and build corporate Web sites.

Preconfigured and optimized to leverage the benefits of EnGarde Secure Linux at its foundation, the Guardian Digital Linux Lockbox is suitable for the smallest organization as well as service providers and large enterprises seeking to promote its products online, or perform other Internet functions where security is a primary concern.

Guardian Digital offers a variety of secure server options. Customized and configured for every type of organization, each Linux Lockbox provides unsurpassed security and functionality. Whether a small organization or a Fortune 500 enterprise, there is a Linux Lockbox perfect for you!

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Designed for environments requiring optimal performance, redundant disks and business critical websites. The 2000 Performance Series comes complete with EnGarde Secure Linux preconfigured and is the perfect solution for organizations wishing to quickly build complete eBusiness Web sites, route mail, and build a secure Web presence.

Feature & Benefit Summary

Suitable for any size organization

Pre-configured with Award-winning EnGarde Secure Linux Operating Platform

Unsurpassed Performance, Security & Compatibility

Engineered Security for Out-of-the-box Functionality

Simplified Administration

Customizable & Scalable

Resilient & Flexible Open Source Architecture

Automatic Updates with Guardian Digital Secure Network

Unparalleled Technical Support & Services


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