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Secure Mail Suite

Secure and Reliable Message Delivery

The Guardian Digital Secure Mail Suite for enterprises combines all the features necessary to provide a complete email system for an entire organization. Simplified Web-based management, encrypted connectivity and advanced authentication features provide a highly scalable email platform capable of supporting thousands of users and domains.

A complete enterprise email system, Secure Mail Suite also includes these powerful optional components:

The Guardian Digital Secure Mail Suite provides a complete corporate email messaging solution for ISP, ASP, and fast-growing enterprises. Organizations can build an enterprise gateway server, departmental mail systems, or configure to receive mail for local workgroup mail stores. Services including WebMail, secure remote access, LDAP integration, email message boards, group collaboration, and bulletproof security tools mark the Guardian Digital Secure Mail Suite as a secure and robust method for business-critical communications.

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Product Overview

Guardian Digital delivers unsurpassed email security and performance with Secure Mail Suite. This highly scalable Internet messaging solution is the simplest, most secure way to bring today's most important communication medium to the corporate environment.

Secure Mail Suite Benefits Summary

  • Secure, Flexible and Powerful Email System
  • Enhance Security & Productivity of all Email Communications
  • Eases Corporate Confidentiality Concerns
  • Increase User and Network Productivity
  • Flexible, Versatile & Resilient Open Source Architecture
  • Cost-effective, Significantly Reduce IT & Support Costs
  • Consistently Secure and Updated with Guardian Digital Secure Network Services
  • Comprehensive Support Services

Anti-virus & Anti-spam Benefits Summary

  • Reduce Spam up to 99%
  • Eliminates the Threat of False Positives
  • Utilizes Advanced Technologies for Spam Detection
  • Multifaceted Protection from Email Borne Viruses
  • Reduce Liability with Flexible Policy Enforcement
  • Increase Email Productivity
  • Simplified, Consistent Administration
  • Built-in Proactive Protection with Innovative Multi-tiered Email Defenses
  • Consistently Ensure Message Integrity

Mailing List Management Benefits Summary

  • Save Time and Lower Costs
  • Simplified Management of Thousands of Mailing Lists & Subscribers
  • Customization Capabilities
  • Seamless System Integration
  • Supports Effective and Flexible User Access Controls
  • Simplified Web-based Interface
  • Enhance Online Company Awareness

Web-based Group Collaboration Benefits Summary

  • More time for Core Competencies with Fewer Necessary Meetings
  • Improved Coordination with Off-site Teams
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Convenient Single Access Point to Frequently Used Resources
  • Increased Competitiveness through Faster Time to Market
  • Leverages the Professional Expertise of Employees

Easily Configure and View Mail Server Reports

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