Secure Mail Suite Functions

Internet Mail Gateway Server

When configured to be a mail gateway server, the Guardian Digital Secure Mail Suite can act as the first line of defense for your organization against viruses, Internet threats, and malicious intruders.

Departmental Mail Server

Process and deliver mail to the local server to be retrieved securely by end-user email clients including Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Communicator, Mozilla, Eudora, and many others using SPOP and SIMAP. Using integrated Web-based management tools, choose to enable antivirus and antispam protection. Manage and configure user access, thousands of virtual mail domains, secure TLS certificates for remote access, and configure WebMail.

Secure Mail Hub

Connect multiple mail servers together to provide additional levels of fault tolerance and load balancing capabilities, substantially increasing the availability and reliability of office mail system. Use secure TLS certificates to provide encrypted connectivity to prevent eavesdropping and ensure secure message delivery.