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February 21th, 2008
Open Source Firm Announces Success of SurfSecure Web and Content Filter: Fully Supported, Open Source Solution from Guardian Digital Makes Waves
Guardian Digital, the world's premier open source Internet security company, is proud to announce the success of their new SMB web filtering solution, SurfSecure. Completely reintroduced at the beginning of Q4 2007, the new solution has found a home with various ISP, government and B2B organizations after its introduction in recent months.

January 7th, 2008
2008 Security Forecast: 'Least Privilege' engineering will Gain Momentum
Guardian Digital, the open source security pioneer, forecasts an increased need for comprehensive control over Internet and employee resources with 'least privilege' engineering in 2008. "Most vendors don't stress least privilege enough in their development architecture, especially with the increasing threats from human error and employee liability" says CEO Dave Wreski. "Security in 2007 has shown just how effective attackers can be at gaining authorized access to corporate resources.

November 5th, 2007
Open Source Pioneer Launches Updated & New Web Filter
Guardian Digital, the world's premier open source Internet security company, reinforced their dedication to web security with completely redesigned and updated version of their popular Web and Content Filtering solution, SurfSecure. Currently used by organizations from 200 to over 5000 employees, the technology allows Enterprise organizations to leverage the inherent benefits of Open Source technology to improve productivity, minimize web threats and reduce liability in the work place.

May 8th, 2007
EnGarde Linux platform combines open source tools for unprecedented security
Guardian Digital, Inc., the world's pioneer in open source security solutions, today announced the latest innovation of its product portfolio with the launch of EnGarde Secure Linux: Community Edition, a freely-available version of its award-winning platform solution for unprecedented enterprise security. EnGarde is the only enterprise-class, Linux-based secure platform for managing a complete Internet presence featuring Web-based management flexibility and SELinux functionality.

March 9 th , 2007
Guardian Digital's Secure Mail Suite Protects ISP's from Trojan Zombie Attacks
Guardian Digital announced the availability of the first anti-spam software tool designed specifically to diminish the threat of Trojan zombie attacks. Responsible for a high volume of successful spam attacks, this email threat is causing serious problems within corporate email infrastructures.

February 7th , 2007
Guardian Digital Continues to Innovate with Advanced Spam Fighting Solutions
Guardian Digital today reinforced their dedication to email security with the release of Secure Mail Suite v. 3.2. Incorporating advanced technologies for enterprise spam and phishing protection, Secure Mail Suite v. 3.2 is the first solution of its kind to include distributed protection from these types of attacks including the latest blended threats.

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