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Guardian Digital's Secure Mail Suite Protects ISP's from Trojan Zombie Attacks
Company’s Linux-based Mail Solution Helps ISP’s Prevent New Spam Threat

ALLENDALE, NJ, March 9, 2007 -- Guardian Digital, the world’s premier open source Internet security company today announced the availability of the first anti-spam software tool designed specifically to diminish the threat of Trojan zombie attacks. Responsible for a high volume of successful spam attacks, this latest email threat is causing serious problems within corporate email infrastructures. Known to take over unsuspecting computers and utilize its resources to send out spam messages, zombie-type attacks use the domain name of the victimized computers ISP to send messages that appear as if they are coming directly from the ISP, making it very difficult for customary anti-spam solutions to block them.

Guardian Digital Secure Mail Suite goes above and beyond standard anti-spam solutions with its “outbound purification” technology. This latest innovation allows the system to filter outbound mail to ensure all messages exiting through the server are legitimate and not products of a “zombie” system. Administrators can either choose to discard all messages marked as spam or quarantine and log messages to locate internal offenders and dispose of the problem from the source.

“This particular threat is unique in that it has the potential to seriously endanger the overall value of email communications. Advising our customers to modify current email settings or block email originating from major ISPs would result in a significant rise in false positives,” says Dave Wreski, CEO of Guardian Digital. “Our latest advancement in spam protection makes it possible for us to diminish the effectiveness of this threat without sacrificing the legitimacy of business email.”

Outfitting ISPs, ASPs and other enterprise corporations with Secure Mail Suite, Guardian Digital promises this latest enhancement will provide a permanent fix to these types of attacks and will continue to keep their customers protected from the latest email threats

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