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Guardian Digital Continues to Innovate with Advanced Spam Fighting Solutions
Linux Firm Raises Performance Bar on Anti-spam & Anti-phishing Applications

ALLENDALE, NJ, February 7, 2007 -- Guardian Digital, the world’s premier open source Internet security company, today reinforced their dedication to email security with the release of Secure Mail Suite v. 3.2. Incorporating advanced technologies for enterprise spam and phishing protection, Secure Mail Suite v. 3.2 is the first solution of its kind to include distributed protection from these types of attacks including the latest blended threats.

With this update to the already advanced email technologies provided by the firm, Guardian Digital continues to battle the presence of harmful email, using the open source approach, by providing customers with exceptional and pioneering security tools designed to protect users from the increasing numbers of unsolicited and harmful emails, while preserving and enhancing the effectiveness of system resources.

Collaborating with the open source community in conjunction with their own innovations, the latest email security enhancements by Guardian Digital include:

  • Spam URI Blocklists (SURBL) - Advanced spam defenses deliver the most effective methods in preventing phishing attacks and deluge of unsolicited mail from corporate spammers and spam gangs.
  • Globally Connected Spam Databases - Provides hourly feeds and the most qualified list of known spam offenders available.
  • System Resource Preservation Tools - Grants an increase in mail processing speed and system scalability with the ability to handle more spam checks per second.

With spam accounting for 65% of all email sent, and nearly one and ten carrying a debilitating virus, the company is certain the new security tools offered through Secure Mail Suite will result in an impressive decline in spam and a significant increase in email server performance.

“Not only is spam a nuisance but it negatively effects daily business operations by posing a serious threat to the security and effectiveness of corporate systems,” says Peter O’Hara, vice president of engineering for Guardian Digital, Inc. “By consistently keeping up-to-date with spam trends and engineering leading-edge technologies to defend against them, our capability to shield our customers against these types of threats becomes unmatched.”

Additional information regarding Guardian Digital’s latest email innovations can be found on the Guardian Digital website at or by calling Customer Service toll-free at 1-866-GD-LINUX.

About Guardian Digital, Inc.
Leveraging the inherent benefits of open source architecture and the knowledge of security experts around the world, Guardian Digital has engineered the first, truly secure open source operating platform EnGarde Secure Linux. The secure Internet infrastructure of the award-winning EnGarde platform and its accompanying suite of applications guarantee online information assets remain protected even as Internet threats continue to evolve. Customized to meet the specific needs of any size enterprise, Guardian Digital’s solution portfolio includes intrusion detection, Web and email services, secure remote access, information privacy and electronic commerce products.

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