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Guardian Digital Launches Next Generation Secure Mail Suite
Secure Open Source Messaging System Optimized to Meet Increasing Email Threats

ALLENDALE, NJ-June 9, 2004 - Guardian Digital, the premier open source security company, today announced the availability of the next generation Secure Mail Suite, the industry's most secure open source corporate email system. This latest edition has been optimized to support the changing needs of enterprise and small business customers while continually providing protection from the latest in email security threats.

"With technology changing so rapidly and email threats evolving daily, the requirements of corporate email users are forever changing. As a result, we developed this latest version of Secure Mail Suite to adapt to the changing needs of organizations in both security and functionality. Utilizing the best and most technologically advanced open source tools and recognized as best-in-class for combating email threats, Secure Mail Suite will truly help organizations of all sizes securely leverage the merits of today's most important communication medium," states Dave Wreski, CEO of Guardian Digital, Inc.

Integrated into its adaptive open source design, Secure Mail Suite 3.0 effectively addresses common resource issues including unlawful resource usage due to the perpetual influx of unsolicited junk mail, malicious message content and inappropriate or non-work related emails. The cornerstone of Guardian Digital Secure Mail Suite is a robust, integrated anti-virus, anti-spam, and corporate policy enforcement system. Powered by Guardian Digital's innovative Content and Policy Enforcement (CAPE) Engine, Secure Mail Suite scans all incoming and outgoing transmissions to identify and filter out spam, viruses, malicious code and file attachments and offensive content, before having an opportunity to harm or disrupt the network.

"The open source architecture that Secure Mail Suite delivers affords AT&T New Zealand the flexibility to provide enterprise messaging solutions for customers, and to implement scalable email services specifically for our market," writes Jeff Rapp, security analyst, AT&T New Zealand. "The comprehensive coverage of security and management features are increasingly attractive, and the latest version from Guardian Digital represents an even greater cost-effective solution."

Keeping corporate inboxes secure and business-critical communications efficient, Secure Mail Suite is the only application in its class incorporating power-packed security applications and unsurpassed productivity features. The integrated features in Guardian Digital Secure Mail Suite 3.0 provides advanced spam protection with pinpoint accuracy, protection from email borne viruses, comprehensive web-based group collaboration, LDAP integration and much more.

Secure Mail Suite 3.0 also includes:

  • Simplified web-based management system to ease configuration and maintenance duties.
  • Resilient architecture to continually adapt to threats changes and ensure networks remains secure and updated.
  • Powerful spam protection including heuristics system, adaptive content analysis and whitelists and blacklists on user and system levels.
  • Envelope and content analysis, preventing many attacks before entering the system.
  • Resource limit management includes configurable attachment stripping, spam scanning based on file size, and adjustable time-outs on filtering operations.
  • Protection for both inbound and outbound communications.
  • Protection from malicious code, virus, Trojan horse and mail bomb attacks and denial-of-service threats.
  • Policy design and enforcement to increase user productivity and defend against unsuitable or offensive content.
  • Automatic debugging mechanism to expedite customer service and ensure the consistent integrity of the system.
  • Comprehensive mailing list manager to efficiently and securely send emails to thousands of mailing list subscribers.

As a compliment to the many core features, Secure Mail Suite 3.0 delivers advanced access controls and authentication mechanisms, comprehensive auditing and reporting features, as well as automatic updates through Guardian Digital Secure Network services for consistent protection from the perils of conducting business critical communications on the Internet.

Secure Mail Suite is the perfect companion to Guardian Digital's flagship product EnGarde Secure Linux. EnGarde, the industry's most secure open source operating system, integrates bulletproof security features with ease of management, strong encryption standards, Web services, gateway firewall protection, intrusion detection and much more. Working in conjunction with Secure Mail Suite 3.0, EnGarde provides small and large organizations with the security and productivity applications necessary to keep their systems productive while virtually eliminating Internet and network threats.

For more information on Secure Mail Suite and EnGarde Secure Linux, visit Guardian Digital on the Web at

Pricing & Availability

Secure Mail Suite is now available starting at $749. Content and Policy Enforcement Engine options are available for spam and virus licensing. All options include a free year subscription to the Guardian Digital Secure Network as the primary means to obtain system and security updates as well as regular intrusion and prevention engine updates. Comprehensive annual support subscriptions are also available.

About Guardian Digital, Inc.

Guardian Digital, the premier open source security company, offers the first secure, open source Internet infrastructure system. Based on Guardian Digital's operating system platform, EnGarde, the company provides enterprises with the software and services necessary for secure computing on the Internet. By leveraging the merits of the collaborative open source design model, coupled with the company's security and Internet expertise, Guardian Digital solutions maintain the highest degree of security and reliability. Founded in 1999, Guardian Digital is headquartered in Waldwick, New Jersey. For additional information, please visit or call 1-866-GD-LINUX.

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