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Guardian Digital Introduces Innovative Open Source
Approach to Combating Email Threats

Enterprise Secure Email System Combines Open Source, Multi-Layered
Defense and Engineered Security to Deliver Unparalleled Results

ALLENDALE, NJ March 1, 2004 -- Guardian Digital, the world's premier open source security company, has today introduced Content and Policy Enforcement (CAPE) technology, an innovative open source software system for securing enterprise email operations. Unique in its approach, CAPE technology powers the email security operations of Secure Mail Suite v3.0, the company's enterprise email and productivity platform.

Bringing together the most technologically advanced open source developments, multitudes of standards-based solutions for combating email threats, and the ingenuity and security expertise of Guardian Digital, CAPE technology is a modular multi-tiered enterprise defense system.

"Guardian Digital CAPE engine technology has brought a heightened level of security to our organization unavailable in previously implemented mail systems," states Lars Baan vice president of operations for Aalborg Instruments and Controls, Inc. "The unique multi-layered design and engineered system defenses ensure only legitimate email hits our inboxes and potentially damaging messages are detected before doing any harm. In fact, in a matter of a day or two after installing Secure Mail Suite with the CAPE technology, our spam was reduced by 98%," continues Baan.

Designed to make email work smarter, Guardian Digital CAPE technology utilizes the merits of the collaborative open source community to produce a system that provides dramatically greater efficiency, evolves more rapidly, delivers consistently higher levels of protection, and dramatically reduced operational costs than its proprietary counterpart.

"Enterprises demand an email security system that will continually adapt to their evolving requirements and deliver protection from today's threats as well as those yet unknown," writes Guardian Digital Chief Executive Officer Dave Wreski. "The rapid evolution of the technology engineered and tested by Guardian Digital with thousands of individuals and organization's throughout the world, coupled with our cohesive integration and management system, has proven to be the hallmark of innovation and continues to surpass all other efforts at producing products capable of sustaining such constant change."

Leading technologies available in CAPE for combating email-borne security threats include adaptive content analysis, Sender Policy Framework (SPF) enforcement, corporate policy configuration and repository management, and gateway as well as local delivery server operation. Boasting unparalleled accuracy up to 99 percent, virtual perfection is achieved through the use of the following integrated features:

  • Adaptive content analysis blocks future spam based on "auto-learn" technology. Capable of managing the largest enterprise, the CAPE technology system requires little or no administrative management, always remains secure and updated, and continually adapts as threats change.
  • Client whitelists and filtering preferences.
  • Envelope and content analysis, preventing many attacks before entering the system.
  • Operates on gateway as well as local delivery servers. Protects both inbound and outbound communications.
  • Protection from spam, malicious code, virus, Trojan horse, and denial-of-service threats.
  • Dictionary attack filter defeats name-generating software.
  • Heuristics system consulting thousands of threat indicators.
  • Policy design and enforcement against unsuitable or offensive content.
  • File attachment management, blocking malicious code outright.
  • End-user mail destiny management, ensuring no email is ever lost.
  • Real-time blackhole lists, DNS blocking list protection, low-level network protection, distributed checksum database, and comprehensive authentication methods ensure highest efficacy.

These innovative techniques provided by the CAPE system are an integral part of Guardian Digital's secure messaging software platform. Secure Mail Suite is a comprehensive corporate email system that includes everything necessary for corporations to fully leverage today's most important communication medium. Backed by the comprehensive security features of the CAPE engine, Secure Mail Suite delivers effective productivity features and powerful protection against all email threats.

For more information on Secure Mail Suite and CAPE technology, visit Guardian Digital on the Web at

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Guardian Digital, the premier open source security company, offers the first secure, open source Internet infrastructure system. Based on Guardian Digital's operating system platform, EnGarde, the company provides enterprises with the software and services necessary for secure computing on the Internet. By leveraging the merits of the collaborative open source design model, coupled with the company's security and Internet expertise, Guardian Digital solutions maintain the highest degree of security and reliability. Founded in 1999, Guardian Digital is headquartered in Waldwick, New Jersey. For additional information, please visit or call 1-866-GD-LINUX.

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