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13 September 2004
Volume II, Issue IX 

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In this issue of Behind the Shield, Guardian Digital's chronicle of Internet and open source security news, we'll cover company highlights, thoughts from our CEO and revealing points on how Guardian Digital products are rapidly changing the face of open source for business.

Read on to learn how Guardian Digital solutions and customer support lead to a favorable rating from the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Guardian Digital Receives Positive Review from Chicago Stock Exchange

As reported a few months ago, Guardian Digital is assisting in providing secure FTP and DNS services to the Chicago Stock Exchange and their customers. Implementing EnGarde Secure Linux throughout their organization, Chicago Stock Exchange is pleased with the results. "Systems in the DMZ must remain secure, Guardian Digital's comprehensive security solutions not only kept our network protected but also supplied ease of management, saving us valuable time," states David Coder, manager of network services for Chicago Stock Exchange.

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Guardian Digital Announces Worldwide Partner Division

Guardian Digital recently announced the development of a new corporate division focused entirely on the growth and maintenance of sales partners. Promising a structured program policy and resources dedicated explicitly to the professional growth and guidance of all authorized partners, this division is aimed at resulting in the ability to better cater to overseas and cross-country clients, stronger relationships with partners, and the presentation of effective solutions to worldwide corporate Internet security concerns.

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Industry Note

The Insecurity of Network Security

As corporations grow more dependent on technology, the concern for the state of network and Internet security also grows. Corporations today rely on their "always on" networks for everything from housing confidential and corporate information to the connecting of mobile users, to running business-critical operations. As a result, IT administrators are put in the position of guarding and maintaining the very livelihood of the corporation--Hardly an easy task when faced with skeletal IT departments, limited budgets, resistant users, and unsatisfactory applications.

A recent survey of IT professionals revealed that only 8% of them were "extremely confident" in the security of their networks with a majority rating their confidence as "somewhat". With corporate networks possessing the very fate of an organization, I would think keeping it secure and having absolute confidence in that security would occupy the highest priority, and it seemingly is.

Every day companies are making investments in the security of their network through the purchase and deployment of solutions addressing particular security concerns. The problem arises when they only secure areas that have caused problems in the past and do not provide proactive protection for the others. This reactive method to network security has a tendency to only result adequate protection for a single area and an extensive collection of "stand-alone" solutions that can result in compatibility problems and manageability annoyances such as administering to multiple consoles and different points of contact for technical support.

True Internet and network security is found through a combination of proficient administration and a defense in depth strategy. Solution wise, network security is a process of layers. Each network layer needs to not only work together cohesively but do so in the most secure manner possible. If not implemented correctly, however, this can result in cumbersome security processes (i.e. multiple authentication requirements), consistent updates of all security components, (which if made by different vendors can ensue compatibility problems) and scalability issues. Further it is of the utmost important that IT administrators have the resources they need to sufficiently maintain the system. Overworked administrators have to re-prioritize essential security activities such as checking logs or keeping up with the latest security patches, which results in easily avoidable vulnerability being unseen and exploited.

With fears of viruses, malicious code and hackers keeping administrators up at night, the network security plan for many of today's largest corporations is in desperate need of an overhaul. The best solution for these organizations would be to find a comprehensive platform providing all the security and productivity requirements of the corporations in a cohesive, easy to manage, system. Replacing a series of complex, vendor-specific, security applications with a single streamlined system will succeed in providing higher network and administrator efficiency resulting in the minimization of debilitating and often overlooked security threats.

Dave Wreski, CEO Guardian Digital, Inc.

At a Glance
Content and Policy Enforcement Center

Guardian Digital Content and Policy Enforcement (CAPE) Center is a unique multi-tiered, email defense system. Distinctive in its approach, CAPE brings together the most technologically advanced open source developments, a multitude of standards-based security solutions, and the ingenuity and security expertise of Guardian Digital. Providing bulletproof system defenses from blended email threats and corporate policy violations, Guardian Digital CAPE Center is a critical component to Guardian Digital Secure Mail Suite. Comprehensive spam, virus, and corporate policy protection at each application layer presents organizations with all the tools they need to continually keep email communications productive while at the same time delivering greater system efficiency, consistently higher levels of protection, and dramatically reduced operational costs.

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Processor.com: Policies, Procedures & Products: Finding the Right Security Mix

Guardian Digital's CEO Dave Wreski shared his expertise with Processor editor Douglas Schwartz on the state of security today and the best way to defend corporate networks.

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Guardian Digital Mailbag

Q. I know passwords are a first line of defense to ensuring privacy, how can I chose a hard to crack password?

A. Most people chose passwords that are easy to remember, however, when choosing a simple password such as a pets name or favorite sport team, the chances of someone else figuring out that password increase greatly. A strong password should consist of a combination of numbers, letters and symbols. It is important to avoid using passwords that contain any part of your name, initials, user name, or any other personal information that could easily be guessed. Also try to avoid words from dictionaries, and using numbers in sequence order, as common words and number sequences can be easily identified. Instead try using special characters, mixed with numbers and upper and lower case letters.
Although a strong password is important, it is equally important to create a password you can remember. Try using acronyms or an easy to remember non-sense words as the basis for your password.

The Behind the Shield editors encourage their readers to submit questions. The most frequently asked questions will appear in future issues. We look forward to answering all your inquiries! Email us at info@guardiandigital.com

Guardian Digital In the News

Linuxsecurity.com: Linux and National Security

The May 2004 Behind the Shield Industry Note written by Guardian Digital CEO Dave Wreski was chosen as a feature story by Linuxsecurity.com editors this past month.

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Hints & Tips from Experts

DNS Security

Domain name services (DNS) is a vital web application allowing the translation of domain names to IP addresses. Although a seemingly simple function, DNS servers are vital to the proper operation of web services, making it a prime target for hacker attacks. Unfortunately many corporations do not secure DNS servers as adeptly as they should, leaving it open to some of the most common and easily exploitable network vulnerabilities. Protecting your DNS server with some simple tips will help mitigate security vulnerabilities and help eliminate successful server attacks.

  • Keep your DNS version current by implementing vulnerability patches the moment they become available.
  • Apply the standard sever security procedures to DNS servers including removing unnecessary services and keeping security patches current.
  • Place your DNS server in your DMZ and make sure it is provided the full protection of the firewall to block unwanted traffic before it can pose a threat.
  • Restrict operations that may be performed on your server to only those that are necessary.
  • Utilize diversified DNS servers to minimize the effectiveness of denial of service attacks. If resources permit, have multiple servers positioned in various locations to ensure a single attack does not affect both servers so that vital operations are not fully effected.

Guardian Digital is pleased to provide Behind the Shield readers with informative expert advice on what network security really means. Each month a new topic of interest will be chosen to supply you with useful tips and information not offered elsewhere. This month we will have a brief discussion DNS security.

Partner Profile

Through national and multi-national partners like Code 511 in France, Guardian Digital is able to provide their productivity and security solutions to customers worldwide.

Code 511 is France's premier source for computer security solutions and consulting services. Catering to a wise-range of industries, with clients in defense, banking, and insurance, Code 511 works with partners from all over the world to deliver powerful computer security solutions, fitting to the individual needs of each and every customer. With 10 years of security expertise, Code 511 found Guardian Digital to be an ideal partner based on their unique and highly effective strategies to Internet and network security and their dedicated focus to partner and customer support.

For further information on Code511, please visit their website at: www.code511.com




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