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14 June 2004
Volume II, Issue VI 

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In this issue of Behind the Shield, Guardian Digital's chronicle of Internet and open source security news, we'll cover company highlights, thoughts from our CEO and revealing points on how Guardian Digital products are rapidly changing the face of open source for business.

Read on to learn why Guardian Digital's open source model is imitated by proprietary giant Microsoft.

Guardian Digital Secures Internet's Largest Online Religious Forum

Guardian Digital was called upon by Jerry Gaffney Ministries' webmaster, Shawn Gaffney, to supply a comprehensive solution to secure email communications and protect the high-traffic online website hosted by the Christian organization. Visited by nearly 1,000,000 visitors each month, it is imperative to the livelihood of the organization that the integrity and efficiency of their site remains consistent. Experiencing many system compromises while using a Red Hat system, Gaffney Ministries implemented a customized Guardian Digital solution including EnGarde Secure Professional, Secure Mail Suite and Internet Defense and Detection System. Since the relying on Guardian Digital for their Internet security needs, Gaffney Ministries has been free from compromises and has experienced a significant increase in system performance.

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Guardian Digital Releases Next Generation Secure Mail Suite

This month, Guardian Digital released the long awaited successor to its coveted Secure Mail Suite email messaging system. This latest edition of Secure Mail Suite implements stronger spam controls including more sophisticated header and body checks, adaptive filtering, stronger policy enforcement capabilities, including resource management, and a comprehensive mailing list manager. Further, Secure Mail Suite had been optimized to protect against the latest in Internet threats including mail bombs, Trojan horse attacks, and denial of service incidents.

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Industry Note

Open Source Leaving Microsoft Sitting on the Fence?

The open source model, with special regard to Linux, has no doubt become a formidable competitor to the once sole giant of the software industry, Microsoft. It is expected when the market share of an industry leader becomes threatened, retaliation with new product or service offerings and marketing campaigns refuting the claims of the new found competition are inevitable. However, in the case of Microsoft, it seems they have not taken a solid or plausible position on the use of open source applications as an alternative to Windows.

I read on a daily basis the latest ventures of Microsoft from the much publicized "war on Linux" to surrendering and publishing portions of their source code. In their first argument, executives of the Redmond Washington company regard Linux as everything from a "waste of money" to a threat to the well-being of the software industry. During these arguments, Microsoft executives stick by their original perception, attempting to position open source software as a less secure, less technologically sound option that does not only offer inferior solutions but is inherently bad for the financial and developmental growth of the industry. Although proved wrong time and time again by accredited analysts, journalists and customers it is a fair position for a corporation to take when their competition has them against the ropes.

However, what is puzzling to me is that Microsoft never seems to stick with that argument. Whether they are intentionally or unintentionally releasing portions of their source code to the public, they themselves have implemented a "shared source initiative" in recent years. Coincidentally, this program mirrors the benefits brought fourth by the open source development process in which segments of their source code are released to the public intended to be used as a resource for developers. Originally, backing up the view that open source was substandard and dangerous, the program operated under a "look don't touch" policy, however, in recent months the software giant has changed its tune offering participating developers the chance to modify and propose ways to improve upon the available code.

Jason Matusow, manager of Microsoft's shared source initiative defines the benefits of the program as something developers and Microsoft will benefit from. Further emphasizing his claim Matusow was quoted as saying "by allowing others to modify the code, Microsoft benefits by increasing Windows development, while programmers benefit from improved tools." Additionally, in a separate interview, he was further quoted as saying "the whole function of shared source is to learn from open-source and apply that to how we do business." The irony of this project is that it follows a similar model to that of open source development and consequentially is the exact ideal proprietary developers like Microsoft so vehemently condemn.

To create and promote a program such as Microsoft's shared source initiative, while at the same time making such harsh comments to the Linux and open source community concerning their development model, confirms the theory that the executives at Microsoft truly do see the merit in open source and find those vendors operating under that model to be a substantial threat to their business. From a consumer point of view, on the other hand, Microsoft sitting on the fence is an attempt to please everyone but, in actuality, could prove to be debilitating. How can consumers trust a company in which their whole business model and focus is skewed based on the situations and actions of a particular day?

Dave Wreski, CEO Guardian Digital, Inc.

At a Glance
Secure VPN Server Suite

Guardian Digital Secure VPN Suite is a powerful Virtual Private Network solution for business operations on the Internet. Protect the corporate network from malicious activity by creating a secure connection over the Internet while providing solid protection against Internet thieves and vandals through endpoint security.

As new avenues for communicating with the enterprise network such as wireless and "always-on" broadband connections are implemented, the requirement to ensure secure integration with enterprise services will increase. Industry-standard security and connectivity applications allow organizations to leverage existing network resources while monitoring activity to protect their corporate online assets. Simplified Web-based management and comprehensive support make building secure VPN connections for branch offices and mobile users quick and effortless.

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Guardian Digital In the News

TechTarget: Guardian Digital Launches Fully Open Source IDS

Guardian Digital's latest innovation, Internet Defense and Detection System, the first open source intrusion detection and prevention application was featured in this months Sys Admin Magazine.

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Processor.com: Fundamentals For Keeping Information Safe

Guardian Digital CEO, Dave Wreski shares his insight with Processor.com editor Douglas Schwietzer on wireless security, remote access and outsourcing.

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Guardian Digital Mailbag

Q. I am hearing so much about Internet and network security solutions. What is the best way to secure my network?

A. Unfortunately there is not a "silver bullet" to network security. The best way to keep your corporate or home network secure is through a method we have discussed before, "defense in depth". This is a term used to describe the state in which security features should be implemented. Basically, to ensure the overall protection of your network, multiple security solutions should be implemented. However, when utilizing a multi-layer security system be sure it has a few key components such as intrusion detection and prevention applications. These types of security applications work hand-in-hand to detect an unlawful network intrusion, alert administrators of the discrepancy and prevent the intruder from causing any serious damage. Also, quality intrusion detection and prevention systems will include comprehensive auditing and graphical reporting of attempted intrusions to give administrators information necessary to hinder future security breaches. Once again, however, I must stress that although intrusion detection and prevention are key network defenses; to truly optimize the security of your network it is important to implement supplementary security features as well including firewalls, virus protection, etc.

The Behind the Shield editors encourage their readers to submit questions. The most frequently asked questions will appear in future issues. We look forward to answering all your inquiries! Email us at info@guardiandigital.com

Sys Admin Magazine: Guardian Digital EnGarde Secure Linux

Guardian Digital's flagship product, EnGarde Secure Linux was recognized by the editors of Sys Admin Magazine and was recently featured in the publication.

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Hints & Tips from Experts

Workstation Security Guardian Digital is pleased to provide Behind the Shield readers with informative expert advice on what network security really means. Each month a new topic of interest will be chosen to supply you with useful tips and information not offered elsewhere. This month, we'll have a brief discussion on securing desktop workstations.

Securing desktop workstations is an integral part of network security as a whole. A vast majority of security problems can be avoided if proper precautions are taken on each workstation incorporated within a network. The most frequent security mistake people make when securing individual workstations is trusting the security settings "out of the box". In most cases, default settings are put into place by vendors to enhance performance rather then security. Since it is impossible for most regular vendors to establish the security needs of each individual organization they supply solutions for (vendors and developers of security solutions will probably be more in tune with your needs), therefore, it is essential you configure each workstations to suit your security requirements and be sure to change that configuration as your needs change. Below are some other suggestions to securing workstations on your network:

  • Be sure your workstation utilizes the latest version of the chosen operating system.
  • Install all current software updates.
  • Install firewall software or hardware
  • Install anti-virus software and be sure to keep it up to date.
  • Tighten up all default network and Internet security settings.

Partner Profile

Through national and multi-national partners, like Net Dimensions, Inc. in Alberta Canada, Guardian Digital is able to provide their productivity and security solutions to customers worldwide.

Net Dimensions is an innovative technology company that specializes in the design, development, and progression of creative web-based business solutions. It is through these solutions that this dynamic team of designers, developers, and systems experts plays an active role in the evolution of their clients' businesses.

Guardian Digital was selected as a partner because its products compliment Net Dimensions' service offerings. Running a secure hosting platform that is easily managed by non-Linux experts provides clients with the ability to decrease their IT costs. EnGarde's option for integrity checks made becoming a reseller an infallible choice.





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