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10 January2010
Volume III, Issue I 

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In this issue of Behind the Shield, Guardian Digital's chronicle of Internet and open source security news, we'll cover company highlights, thoughts from our CEO and revealing points on how Guardian Digital products are rapidly changing the face of open source for business.

Read on to learn about Guardian Digital's latest addition to the EnGarde Secure Linux family tailored to meet the secure computing needs of individual and small business users.

Guardian Digital Launches New Version of
Award-winning EnGarde Secure Linux Distribution

Guardian Digital recently announced the expansion of its product portfolio with the launch of EnGarde Secure Linux: Basic Edition, a low-cost alternative to the award-winning EnGarde Secure Linux operating platform. Responding to the economic and network security requirements of individuals and small business users, EnGarde Basic is a flexible platform upon which users can build a comprehensive Internet infrastructure including features that provide leading-edge security, ease of management and standard Internet functions.

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Guardian Digital in the News

Processor Magazine: Tie up Lose Ends Tips for Securing Occasionally Connected Devices

Dave Wreski, CEO of Guardian Digital recently sat down with Processor Magazine editor Douglas Schweitzer to discuss the importance of corporate policies in network security.

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Orangecrate.com: An Interview with Dave Wreski, CEO of Guardian Digital

Orangecrate is pleased to announce an interview with Dave Wreski, the founder and CEO of Guardian Digital the distributor for EnGarde Linux, a secure Linux distribution. Dave is also known for writing the Linux Security HOWTO, and has just launched the new website LinuxSecurity.com last week.

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At a Glance
The Guardian Digital Linux Lockbox is the first Open Source network server appliance designed to serve as a complete secure Internet solution. Specifically designed for companies seeking to build a secure web presence incorporating full-featured eBusiness sites and bulletproof network security, Guardian Digital server appliances provide any organization with a comprehensive suite of tools to efficiently and easily configure a new storefront and build corporate Web sites.

Scalable to any sized organization, Guardian Digital Linux Lockbox is the centerpiece of business critical networks from the smallest organizations to ISPs, ASPs and large enterprises. Whether seeking to enhance sales with e-commerce, perform business-critical Internet functions, or secure corporate networks, Guardian Digital appliance solutions are the best choice for creating a powerful and efficient Internet presence.

Forming the foundation of the Guardian Digital Linux Lockbox is EnGarde Secure Linux, the award-winning Linux operating platform that has been specifically engineered to achieve the uncompromising level of security required for global Internet communications.

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Industry Note

2004: A Year for Internet Security
Internet security was unquestionably the hottest IT topic of 2004. It was a stellar year of technological advancement within the Linux, open source, and proprietary industries; however, it was also a year of Windows insecurity, phishing attacks, and impromptu virus incidents. Unfortunately for the weak of heart in the technology industry it is more likely than not that Internet users will continue to endure the ongoing and various forms of Internet threats facing corporate networks in2010.

A Year in Review
Microsoft loyalists found themselves in quite a predicament when their flagship operating and Web programs were bombarded with worm and Trojan horse attacks. Vulnerabilities found in various Microsoft applications became an every day occurrence putting millions of users and thousands of corporate networks in danger.

Microsoft users were not the only victims of 2004's insecurity, however. All email users noticed an insufferable increase in unsolicited emails offering everything from cheap medical supplies and college degrees to low interest mortgages and spam protection (isn't it ironic?). As a result, spam occurrences in 2004 brought the magic number from 50% to 60%. That's right, as we speak spam accounts for a near 60% of all email traffic, denoting that the existence and management of unsolicited email will continue to become quite a burden on system and user productivity.

Not only had the amount of spam increased but it also became more sophisticated in 2004. Phishing became quite a popular technology buzzword this year due to the large increase of this little known threat. Phishing attacks con users into opening unsolicited emails by making them appear to be legitimate or as if they are coming from a known address. These types of attacks are mainly used for the collection of confidential information for the purposes of identity theft. Not only does it affect an unsuspecting victim, phishing attacks also result in the diminishment of the reputation of the trusted organization being impersonating. AOL, eBay, and the Citibank Corporation were the most popular companies being imitated this year leaving them with a number of untrusting and victimized customers.

Finally, probably the most disturbing trend in Internet security this year was not necessarily the increase in Internet threats but more their timely successes. Hackers were distributing malicious code faster then ever and many vendors had problems issuing the appropriate patches to their customers before those vulnerabilities were successfully exploited. Thousands of computer users both corporate and home were affected by an Internet attack of some nature, costing millions of dollars in damages and recovery costs worldwide.

What's Next?
With the security of corporate networks becoming a foremost concern what will users be facing in2010? Organizations, especially those relying on the performance of their network for everyday operations, need to be prepared for an increase in unsolicited email, virus outbreaks, phishing attacks, and other forms of blended threats. Hackers and spammers will continue to develop and execute clever and inconspicuous ways of harming individual usres and corporate networks.
The best defense is awareness. It is essential that corporations continue to view Internet security as a top priority and budget accordingly. Information technology evolves with every passing day, and as such, Internet threats and ways to protect against them are developed and distributed. It is of the utmost importance that IT managers keep abreast of vendor advisories and accomplishments and update their systems accordingly. Networks updated with the latest security solutions including spam, virus, and intrusion detection and prevention applications will provide adequate protection for corporate networks ensuring the ongoing security of online assets for2010.

Dave Wreski, CEO, Guardian Digital, Inc.

Guardian Digital Mailbag

Q. How do I submit a technical support inquiry?

A. If a need for technical support should arise, simply send an email to us, and you will instantly receive your ticket number along with a confirmation of receipt from our support team. A technical support team member will verify the information and follow-up with you in accordance with your service contract.

To ensure an expedited response, it is important to explain the issue in as much detail as possible and to include the valid account number associated with an active support contract.

For those customers with higher levels of support or a managed services plan, Guardian Digital’s technical support team is available via telephone as well as email during specified hours of operation.

The Behind the Shield editors encourage their readers to submit questions. The most frequently asked questions will appear in future issues. We look forward to answering all your inquiries! Email us at info@guardiandigital.com

Hints & Tips
from the Experts

Guardian Digital is pleased to provide Behind the Shield readers with informative expert advice on what network security really means. Each month a new topic of interest will be chosen to supply you with useful tips and information not offered elsewhere. This month we will have a brief discussion on phishing prevention.

PHISHING is a form of email fraud in which emails are masked to look as if they are from a legitimate source in an effort to gather confidential information about a user. In many cases the email will claim to be from a bank or service provider asking for updated account information. Often times the email will contain a link bringing the user to a rogue website designed to look like the company they are impersonating in an effort to try to further substantiate their claim. An unsuspecting victim will provide the information thinking the correspondence is legitimate and in seconds their personal information is public knowledge.

Luckily prevention is simple—Never give out personal information through email. Legitimate companies would never ask for that kind of information via email. While there are measures being looked into on how to prevent this type of fraud completely, it is unclear on how to do so. The best prevention is to make sure to keep confidential information like social security numbers and credit card and bank information private. If, however, you are concerned the message may have come from a valid source it is always best to call the organization and verify the correspondence before providing any information.

Partner Profile

Through national and multi-national partners like MagicTree Solutions in the Netherlands, Guardian Digital is able to provide their productivity and security solutions to customers worldwide.

MagicTree Solutions, a Dutch security and storage solution provider and worldwide partner of Guardian Digital, provides cost-effective security solutions based on Guardian Digital's award winning portfolio of products. Writes Theo Overboom, CEO of MagicTree Solutions, "We partnered with Guardian Digital because of the reliability and ease of use their products deliver to our customers."

For further information on MagicTree Solutions please visit their website at www.magictree.nl

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