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Welcome to Guardian Digital,
the Open Source Internet Security Company

Guardian Digital develops highly-secure, modular, scalable, and feature-rich Internet solutions for business. We are devoted to using the revolutionary open source development process, resulting in secure open source solutions designed to meet the business requirement of securely operating on the Internet today.

Our goal is to provide the tools and techniques needed to run an efficient and secure system on the Internet. This includes initial deployment, configuration, as well as maintaining the level of security necessary to continue to provide assurance that your online assets will remain secure.

Guardian Digital understands that security isn't just an afterthought -- it's fundamental to today's business success. Now with dozens of products and services in active development, and a worldwide network of distribution partners experienced in Internet security and open source, Guardian Digital has established itself as the open source security market leader.

Built on the solid and secure EnGarde Secure Linux foundation, Guardian Digital offers a comprehensive portfolio of advanced network security solutions including messaging, intrusion protection, antivirus and antispam protection, secure remote access, eBusiness, and user privacy and access control products.

Guardian Digital continues to innovate, while constantly improving our existing software and service offerings. Towards that end, we are the primary sponsors of LinuxSecurity.com, the Internet's central source of news, insights, security advisories and other information regarding Linux and Open Source security issues.


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