Wave Wizard Internet, Inc.

High-speed Internet, Simplified Security

Wave Wizard Internet, Inc. of Bedford, New Hampshire is a full Internet service company, including Business DSL service, dial-up, Web Hosting, and comprehensive technical support services. Availability and customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of their business.

Wave Wizard offers an OC-12 SONET Ring connectivity to multiple backbone providers. A temperature, humidity, static and airborne particles controlled environment designed for maximum server reliability house the servers in their datacenter. Diesel powered generators capable of independently sustaining server operations for more than a week, surge suppression, and sophisticated UPS systems protect customers' corporate assets.

Founded in 1993, Wave Wizard has used many different operating systems in the process of seeking one that provided the right balance of cost, ease of management, and stability necessary for their 24x7 business operations.

Before choosing EnGarde as their platform of choice, Steven J. Daniels, Wave Wizard Internet CEO, had used nearly every operating system in their 10 year history.

Among their experiences with operating systems included Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, FreeBSD, BSD, QNX, BeOS, Linux in many flavors, OS/2, Novell, and Macintosh.

After finding EnGarde, the decision to use it for critical business functions was easy. Steven Daniels was immediately impressed with its ability to route mail for its many dial-up and business users.

"The function control and features combined with it's ease of use is incredible. I can take anyone of the street, even if they have never seen a computer, and show them how to administer this system. You do have one hell of a product."

When asked what Wave Wizard Internet uses EnGarde for, Mr. Daniels responded with a resounding "EVERYTHING!"

He continues, "We use EnGarde for mail, personal webspace for our dial-up users, web server, database server, DNS, development, RADIUS, and more. I mean come on, EnGarde is a single source solution."

"We actually have, and we did not know this until recently, one of the top 20 ISP's in North America as our customer, so security and reliability is very important to us."

"It's an administrators, programmers, and developers dream come true. Because the system is so self functioning administrators can get an extra day or two off, and programmers and developers don't have to worry about becoming administrators. The system takes care of itself.

I don't even carry a pager anymore. In all honesty I owe my work free weekends to EnGarde."


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