Piedmont Natural Gas

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When John Cahill, Senior Network Security Engineer for Piedmont Natural Gas of Charlotte, North Carolina, was assigned with the responsibility of developing a secure Internet presence for e-mail functions for their corporate users, Guardian Digital was the clear choice.

"We looked at implementing Windows 2000 Server solution with additional software, but it was cost prohibitive," writes John Cahill. "Next we looked at Red Hat Linux, however the UNIX admins were not ready for the administrative overhead," he continues.

Piedmont Natural Gas Company is an energy and services company primarily engaged in the transportation, distribution and sale of natural gas to over 690,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Piedmont is the second-largest natural gas utility in the Southeast.

Other solutions including HP-UX were considered, but at more than three times the price, they did not include the redundancy required for his environment. "I was finally able to convince them that EnGarde was a better option for the money, and we then purchased four Guardian Digital Linux Lockbox servers."

"I saved $30k and was able to buy four Guardian Digital Linux Lockbox servers, providing the redundancy we required," exclaims John Cahill.

Cost was a big factor in their decision process, as was quality of support. "I mean the Guardian Digital support engineers bend over backwards for users of their free trial version, imagine how much of a backflip it must be when you pay!!"

John Cahill
Senior Network Security Engineer
Piedmont Natural Gas

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