Snapshot of the LLV Success Story
  • Needed a secure e-commerce solution

  • Required a system with effortless configuration and maintenance

  • Security was a primary concern

  • Rely on e-mail and Internet 100% for the success of the business

  • Displays 92 different products to customers all over the world using Guardian Digital Corporate Commerce Suite

  • No security breaches with Guardian Digital

  LLV Imports, Inc.

Establishing a Secure E-Commerce Storefront

Companies today understand the importance of e-commerce in the new economy. With the number of active Internet users approaching 640 million worldwide, the demand for products and services via the Internet is increasing rapidly. Guardian Digital Corporate Commerce Suite enables companies to meet this high demand and still focus on their core competencies rather than being concerned with how their online presence is functioning.

LLV Imports (llvimports.com) is one such example. Founded in August 2002, they are a kitchenware, house decor and small furniture boutique. Manufactured in Vietnam and ISO 9001 certified, their products are sold and imported worldwide. Already established extensively throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, introducing them to the United States marketplace was the next logical step. Relying mostly on EBay to advertise, showcase and sell their products, Larry Nguyen, owner of LLV Imports, turned to Guardian Digital for a cost-effective, easy and secure e-commerce solution.

Requirements: Easy Implementation, Bulletproof Security

Being a small company without IT professionals on staff, LLV Imports was in search of the most secure, cost effective and effortless way to run their online operation. Explaining that site maintenance would be handled in-house, they needed a comprehensive solution that would be easy to set-up and wouldn't require too much maintenance.

Along with easy implementation, Internet security is also a monumental priority. Considering Internet and email is the only way they connect with their customers, conserving the security and integrity of web and email servers is imperative to the success of the business. "We rely on email and Internet access for 100% of our business. A security breach or downtime of any kind would cause a loss in sales as well as customers," said Nguyen.

The Open Source Security Alternative

Open source software provides security benefits unavailable elsewhere. With thousands of developers from all different environments collaborating, vulnerabilities are identified and fixed much quicker than those of closed source counterparts. A loyal Linux user since 1994, Nguyen was fully aware of the security benefits offered through open source software. "Having access to the source code and the excellent support by Guardian Digital, means vulnerabilities will quickly be discovered and patches are promptly released by developers, keeping my site consistently secure and my customers confident in their online purchases."

Guardian Digital Solution

Knowing security is key when operating an online business, Guardian Digital quickly came to the rescue. Using a seamless e-commerce hardware and software combination, Guardian Digital was able to furnish LLV Imports with everything necessary to develop an impressively effective and secure online storefront. Guardian Digital sent LLV Imports their Corporate Commerce Suite pre-configured on a Guardian Digital 1050-S2 Lockbox with 1.2Ghz Intel Pentium III, 256MB Ram, single 40 GB EIDE hard drive. With this "ready to use" solution, LLV Imports was able to create a virtual storefront, enter products via online interfaces, manage shopping cart and site generation functions and perform secure transactions almost immediately.

Other features of the Corporate Commerce Suite include:

  • Secure Web-based management.
  • Extensive user interface features including search, product reviews by users, e-mail notifications, product and manufacturer catalogs, bestseller lists, customer accounts, shopping cart and easy checkout procedure.
  • Tax zones, classes, and rates make setup quick and easy.
  • Maintain and manage order inventory, session information, state management, authentication, and access control.
  • Sophisticated user management, including order history reports and click trails to track user state. Interact directly with users using real-time message board.
  • Supports the PayPal, SECPay, AuthorizeNet, and COD payment gateways

Satisfaction Granted

Currently LLV Imports displays 92 different products on their online store and plans to add more within the coming year. The combination of high quality craftsmanship, reasonable prices and secure online exposure has helped them move merchandise to customers much more quickly and efficiently. The Corporate Commerce Suite has made it dramatically easier for these products to be viewed and purchased by people all over the world. Highly secure transactions make Internet purchases easier and less worrisome then ever.

With no security breaches so far, LLV Imports is more than satisfied with products and support received from Guardian Digital. "Security is a huge concern of mine. Staying current with security patches and having an easy way to implement them is important to keeping my store and my customers' information secure. With Guardian Digital helping to manage our Internet presence, I can sleep well at night."



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