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Cost-conscious and fast-growing enterprises are looking to Guardian Digital for reliable and technically advanced open source security solutions for their business. Astute businesses recognize that in order to conduct business on the Internet today requires specific concern for customer privacy, data integrity and application security. Guardian Digital addresses these concerns with our EnGarde Secure Linux and other applications.

Below is a collection of success stories about Guardian Digital software and services solving business problems in organizations of all sizes around the world. Whether its the cost-effective nature of open source software, engineered security designed by Guardian Digital, or our unparalled customer support, Guardian Digital customers across the world are acknowledging our expertise and ability to deliver value.

Out of the Box Security
The Intrepid Group, Inc.

As an IT manager, it is essential when making a network purchasing decision that the solution you chose is consistently supported. With technology changing so rapidly, frequent updates and upgrades are vital to optimize the functionality of the system for years to come. When Brett Hoopingarner, vice president of information technology for the Intrepid Group, found his current Internet solution was no longer being supported by the vendor, he turned to Guardian Digital.

Secure, Easily Upgradeable Solution
Government of India & Indian Space Research Organization

As more and more government sectors begin conducting business online, maintaining Internet and network security becomes increasingly challenging. At the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in Bangalore India, security is a top priority. A highly respected division of the Government of India, ISRO is involved in the exploitation of space for national civilian end-use in the application areas of communication and remote sensing. With the organization encompassing thirty different research centers and thousands of end users, computer security is a critical component of daily operations.

Securing Network Confidence
Community Home Entertainment

When catering to thousands of cable service and broadband Internet subscribers, keeping connections secure and operational is the number one priority. For Community Home Entertainment (CHE), an Internet and cable service provider in New York, this is not simply a priority but imperative to their success. "We are consistently competing with larger cable and ISP companies, and in order to effectively do that, we need to ensure are customers are getting optimum services," says a senior liaison for the organization.

Secure Automotive Sales
Sansone Auto Mall

Network security is a critical component for any sized organization. At Sansone Auto Mall, monitoring network activity and preventing unauthorized access is critical to ensuring the security of their network and continued success of their operation. "System compromise for Sansone is not an option. Implementing a reliable and tangible way to represent security activity on our network, in a format that management can easily understand, enables our organization to know that our network, and the vital information that it contains, is consistently protected," writes Omar Orellana, manager of technical operations for Sansone Auto Mall.

Secure Network Services
Chicago Stock Exchange

Security and time-management are critical concerns for Dave Coder, manager of network services at Chicago Stock Exchange. When the requirement came from his management to deliver a highly-secure and easy to manage platform for delivering DNS and FTP services to his customers, Guardian Digital developed for them a comprehensive solution using their flagship product EnGarde Secure Linux.

Security, Scalability, Ease of Management, Enterprise Support
Jerry Gaffney Ministries

With the natural chaos of everyday life, Internet users put modern technology to work, relishing in the convenience and practicality of having the entire world at their fingertips. Six hundred million users are actively utilizing the Internet today and as a result become an untapped resource for many businesses and organizations. Even religious groups are benefiting from the merits of the Internet, attracting congregants with convenient faith and continuous spiritual support easily accessible behind the glow of a computer monitor.

Securing Patient Privacy
NY Spine Care

Effective communication and fool proof privacy protection are common requirements among any organization. For New York Spinal Care and other medical facilities alike, these issues are not only requirements but essential to the livelihood of their practice. With stern government regulations on patient privacy and reliance on Internet and email ever-increasing, powerful security measures must be taken to ensure networked information remains confidential and impervious to intruders. "We have an obligation to keep our patients medical information private and that is something we approach with the utmost seriousness," states Paul Brisson, MD, spinal surgeon and co-owner of NY Spine Care.

Simplified Execution, Peace of Mind
Aalborg Instruments

The risk with conducting business on the Internet is ever-changing and constantly growing. As a result, a powerful security system is an essential component to any corporate network. Protecting data integrity from external threats while controlling network usage internally is a key concern for Lars Baan, Vice President of Operations for Aalborg Instruments. "The most important aspect of my job is to ensure my employees have the resources they need and are using them to do their job efficiently. If our network is compromised, important data can be lost or intercepted and potential downtime would significantly decrease employee productivity, affecting our overall business," states Baan.

Establishing a Secure E-Commerce Storefront
LLV Imports.

Companies today understand the importance of e-commerce in the new economy. With the number of active Internet users approaching 640 million worldwide, the demand for products and services via the Internet is increasing rapidly. Guardian Digital Corporate Commerce Suite enables companies to meet this high demand and still focus on their core competencies rather than being concerned with how their online presence is functioning.

Maximize Business Potential
Digitize, Inc.

Small business entrepreneurs are always looking for cost-effective business solutions. In a very aggressive market it is necessary to do things cheaper and faster then the competition. Being among so many organizations conducting business on the web, a powerful and secure Internet presence is essential to success.

Cost-effective, High Performance
Itasca Independent School District

Comprised of a unique collection of open source tools together with the security expertise of Guardian Digital, EnGarde and Secure Mail Suite best addressed their need for applications focusing on security, reliability, and ease of management. "Guardian Digital outperformed competitive products in both cost-effectiveness and ease of management. Our decision was clear," states Wilson.

Wanted: Security, Reliability & Ease-of-Use
Ken Romero, CEO, DeepInTheMoney

When Ken Romero first started DeepInTheMoney, an online stock and options analysis company, he learned the hard way just how important it is to begin with a secure server foundation. "My entire business is conducted on this network, so it is important that its integrity is intact at all times," writes Romero.

High-speed Internet, Simplified Security
Wave Wizard Internet, Inc. Bedford, New Hampshire

Wave Wizard Internet is a full Internet service company, including Business DSL service, dial-up, Web Hosting, and comprehensive technical support services. Availability and security are critical to their business and the privacy of their customers.

Cost-effective, Secure Corporate Electronic Mail
John Cahill, Security Engineer, Piedmont Natural Gas

When John Cahill, Senior Network Security Engineer for Piedmont Natural Gas of Charlotte, North Carolina, was assigned with the responsibility of developing a secure Internet presence for e-mail functions for their corporate users, Guardian Digital was the clear choice.

Experienced, Knowledgeable Support Team Gets the Job Done
Simon Hickman, Firewall Specialist, AT&T New Zealand

"A shining example for the Linux establishment and customer service in general," writes Simon Hickman, Firewall Specialist with AT&T New Zealand. Learn how Guardian Digital worked with Simon to develop EnGarde to suit his particular environment.


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