Snapshot of NY Spine Care's Story


  • Limited Budget

  • Constricted Time Frame

  • Must Meet Federal Privacy Regulations
  • Simplified Management

  • Comprehensive & Cost-effective Solutions

  • Strong Encryption & Authentication Features

  • Quality Customer Service

  • Needed to be HIPAA Compliant
Solutions Results
  • Secure, Reliable Communication

  • Enhanced Network Security

  • Robust User and Patient Privacy

  • Seamless File & Print Sharing with Windows Users

  • Successfully Meets Federal Regulations

  • Secure Connection of Branch Offices


  New York Spine Care

Securing Patient Privacy

Effective communication and fool proof privacy protection are common requirements among any organization. For New York Spinal Care and other medical facilities alike, these issues are not only requirements but essential to the livelihood of their practice. With stern government regulations on patient privacy and reliance on Internet and email ever-increasing, powerful security measures must be taken to ensure networked information remains confidential and impervious to intruders. "We have an obligation to keep our patients medical information private and that is something we approach with the utmost seriousness," states Paul Brisson, MD, spinal surgeon and co-owner of NY Spine Care.

Fundamental IT Applications

Founded in 1993, NY Spine Care is a leading center for the treatment of spine and back injuries. Relying on Internet and email for everyday business functions including communications with consulting and referring parties, billing issues, office communications and appropriate medical issues, it is essential for them to have quality Internet and network security applications running on their IT infrastructure. "Using networked services such as Internet and email are an integral part of our business now. All over the world successful network intrusions happening on a daily basis and it is essential that we have the latest technology to thwart the attempts of intruders and keep our system safe from prying eyes," said Dr. Brisson. Using an ISP for mail and firewall functions and Windows networked service software for authentication services, Dr. Brisson began the search for a more comprehensive and secure solution.

Customer Requirements: Cost-effective, Enterprise-Grade

As a small office of 14 employees, it was essential to the owners of NY Spine Care that they implement a system that would provide enterprise-level security at a price they could afford. "We are very concerned about network security and needed to try to find a solution that would give us comprehensive features at a price point suitable for a small business. We have the exact same security needs as large corporations and unlike those businesses; we do not have the resources to recover if our data gets wiped out." says Dr. Brisson.

Strong authentication mechanisms, powerful encryption and other user privacy features were also requirements of NY Spine Care. "To comply with federal regulations for patient privacy, it is essential that we follow the appropriate rules stipulated by the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and have the necessary tools to keep vital information protected from the potential of internal and external intrusions," states Dr. Brisson

Further with no IT administrators on staff it was important to find a solution that could be easily managed and would include quality customer support. Having a working knowledge of Linux and its capabilities, Dr. Brisson was interested in pursuing an open source solution. The combination of his awareness and the recognized value of open source software, Linux seemed like an obvious choice for the practice. "Linux offers the same technological breakthroughs as commercial counterparts and includes inherent security not available elsewhere all at a reduced price. I have a comfort working with Linux and feel it was the best choice for many of our business-critical operations," states Brisson.

The Competition

Proper maintenance and system updates are essential to keep networks consistently secure and patient records confidential. Originally attempting to implement solutions from Linux vendors including Red Hat email and Windows file sharing, Dr. Brisson quickly realized that this was not an appropriate solution for his practice. "With the Red Hat solutions there was an apparent inability to obtain the support I needed and I did not feel that I could improve upon my system beyond a certain level. New functionality and tools are created all the time by open source developers and I was always late getting those new features. I needed to find a solution that would offer me the newest features and an easy ability to maintain my system without having to wait," says Dr, Brisson.

The Guardian Digital Solution

Wanting to bring secure, comprehensive solutions to NY Spine Care's two offices, Dr. Brisson turned to Guardian Digital for a solution. Supplying NY Spine Care with at least 5 EnGarde Servers across two locations, Guardian Digital also provided Dr. Brisson with Secure Mail Suite for email, Secure VPN Server Suite to connect branch offices, Internet Acceleration and Management Server for authentication purposes and EnGarde WorkGroup Suite for Windows file and print services. "The solution Guardian Digital provided us met all our pricing needs and exceeded our expectations in functionality. We use every single feature Guardian Digital provides us. They are very wise in their feature selection and know what it is businesses need to run a secure network," states Dr. Brisson.

Meeting budget and performance requirements was only the beginning of what Guardian Digital was able to provide for NY Spine Care. Ease of administration was also a key asset. Being a busy spinal surgeon Dr. Brisson did not have the time to take on the role of an IT administrator. With Guardian Digital's simplified web-based management system configuration and maintenance was a breeze. "The ease of management provided by the WebTool allows me to implement and make use of the extensive functions provided by the system without spending exorbitant amounts of time to do so," states Dr. Brisson.

Seamless Execution

When implementing the proposed Guardian Digital solution, Dr. Brisson described the transition and execution as being incredibly simple and practically seamless. "As a physician my time is limited. Guardian Digital made it simple to implement their solutions on my own and when I required assistance, they worked around my availability. The transition was seamless and my new system was up and running immediately," said Dr. Brisson.

Unmatched Support Services

Yet another major requirement for NY Spine Care was extensive technical support and the availability of professional development services. Guardian Digital's Master Support Services make it possible for Dr. Brisson to receive authoritative technical support, advice from our experts, developmental services and automatic software updates with Guardian Digital Secure Network. "The Guardian Digital support services are amazing. They have a real desire to service the customer and will attempt to customize your system based on your individual requirements. Their expert technicians know the details of my system and as a result, answers to my inquiries are always expeditious and straightforward and my system is always running at its optimum performance level. With Guardian Digital support behind me, I have the assurance that would otherwise not be possible," says Dr. Brisson

Picture Perfect Results

With Guardian Digital's customized system in place, NY Spine Care now has the appropriate tools to keep their daily operations running efficiently while keeping their privileged information secure. Combined with the inherent financial benefit of open source software, Dr. Brisson could not be happier. "If our email or Internet went down or was compromised, it would limit the overall productivity of my practice, put patient's confidential records in danger and complicate communication with essential parties. Guardian Digital's integrated productivity and security applications prevent those issues from ever arising; it's practically fool proof. Further, implementing quality open source applications has saved us a tremendous amount of money. I no longer have to use as much of our financial resources for IT maintenance and can allocate them to other business-critical areas," states Dr. Brisson.

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