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Experienced, Knowledgeable Support Team Gets the Job Done

Simon Hickman, Firewall Specialist with worldwide communications company AT&T, is used to being in situations that require his years of security experience in making difficult decisions as they pertain to his company.

When he was handed the responsibility as technical architect to deliver a secure foundation for building the security infrastructure for his organization, he turned to Guardian Digital.

Simon learned shortly after starting the EnGarde Secure Linux installation that it didn't support the particular RAID controller installed in his servers. It was then he decided to contact Guardian Digital for ideas on a resolution.

Here begins Simon's story of success with Guardian Digital and how he came to realize the effective and experienced support staff.

"So I email Guardian Digital to see if we could do something to remedy the hardware incompatibility situation, fully expecting either an automated response or none at all.

To my surprise I get an email the same day with a plan to remedy the situation. I supplied the requested information about the RAID controller and within our management allotted two week timeframe to have a working install with added support for the previously unsupported controller. Not only was the support timely, it was performed in a personable manner that made me feel like our problem was important.

With experience of product support over the last 12 years working within the IT sector, Guardian Digital stand out as the most exceptional product vendor to date, other commercial vendors pale in comparison. A fine product and a fine team.

A shining example for the Linux establishment and customer service in general."

Simon Hickman
Firewall Specialist
AT&T Delivery
IBM Building Petone Esplanade
Wellington, New Zealand


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