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Why Choose Guardian Digital

Guardian Digital, the premier open source security company, offers the first secure, open source Internet infrastructure system. Based on Guardian Digital's operating system platform, EnGarde, the company provides customers with software and services addressing application requirements including secure Internet connectivity, user privacy, Web and email functions, and intrusion detection.

No longer can an organization operate on the Internet without specific regards to the security of their online presence. Guardian Digital solutions, built with open source code, address business-critical security requirements. Engineered to be secure, cost-effective, and continually improved to proactively defend against cyber attacks, companies can deploy Guardian Digital products with a higher level of security than most proprietary systems at a fraction of the cost.

Key product features and benefits include:

  • Ease of Use

    The sophisticated yet easy to use Web administration system provides a consistent and reliable means of managing all standard tasks, including software updates.

  • Reduced Start-Up Costs

    The time and costs of start-up are drastically reduced. Our typical user gets started in less than half the time, uses fewer resources to implement the system and in the end has more functionality.

  • Reduced On-Going Costs

    The consistency and reliability of the software reduces the time and expertise required to manage the system and associated upgrades and integrations.

  • Scalable

    Guardian Digital software is easily configured to support a small office with limited resources or one with thousands of users. Built on industry standards, Guardian Digital products contain the reliability and stability characteristics necessary for enterprise computing.

  • 100% Open Source Software

    Guardian Digital products are built using the open source development model, combined with the security and Internet expertise of Guardian Digital engineers. In a January 2002 report, Bloor Research found that UNIX and Linux security are drastically different in one respect: openness. Because Linux is based on open source code, a huge community of developers closely scrutinizes Linux code, thus revealing any code-related security issues.

  • Engineered Security

    Built with security integrated into its design rather than bolted on afterwards. Guardian Digital solutions are engineered with security as a primary concern, providing that high degree of assurance required by corporations operating on the Internet today.

  • Global Presence

    Guardian Digital partner network combines technology expertise with customer support and enterprise-class services throughout the world. Guardian Digital channel partners and resellers deliver skilled integration and support expertise for all of Guardian Digital's products.

  • Guardian Digital Expertise

    Guardian Digital, the first full-service open source security company, has developed a revolutionary approach to standard Internet connectivity solutions. The use of Open Source, specific concentration on security from the inside out, as well as ease of use, combine to form a robust and secure platform that provides a stable foundation on which to build a corporate Internet presence.

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