Myths of Open Source Security

Most of the worlds' large businesses and Government agencies rely on the stability and comprehensive network protection provided through the use of Open Source technologies.

Guardian Digital 1-SourceTM will provide your organization the capabilites to successfully defend your network from the daily barrage of security threats. All contained within a single and hardened device that practically runs itself, it's all your company needs to be secure.

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1-Source: Complete Network Security Solutions using Open Source

  • Increased Productivity
  • Efficient, Usable Administration
  • Consistent, Friendly Enterprise Support
  • Favorable TCO (Total cost of ownership) that can be up to 50% more affordable than comparable Enterprise-Grade Solutions
  • Safeguarded Communications
  • Robust Network Reliability
  • Enterprise Scalability
  • Hassle-Free Integration with Existing Network

Debunking the Myths

Myth: Open Source has a steep learning curve.


In a recent study by Forrester Research, Open source was used by 79% of all companies in the application infrastructure. In addition, nearly 90% of the Fortune 1000 implement it in some manner and IT administrators will find point-and-click interfaces easy to utilize. In recent years, this issue has been significantly reduced, as companies like Guardian Digital seek to make Open Source usable, scaleable and effective.

Myth: Open Source doesn't adapt to new threats quickly.


From inception, Guardian Digital's secure applications have been engineered with security as a primary focus, in addition to the "more eyes" aspect of the Open Source Community. When combined together, you can rest assured that threats are addressed and patched quickly, sometimes up to 50% faster than alternatives.

Myth: Open Source is not supported well.


Since 1999, Guardian Digital has been the pioneer in enhancing open source security with its available 24x7 support. And provided a long and reliable history, Open Source firms have proven they can deliver consistent, meaningful support year, after year, after year. Guardian Digital prides itself on retaining its most demanding clients for this specific reason.

 Myth: Open Source is not fully mature.


Again, experience is everything. Guardian Digital's robust Linux solutions have been battle-tested for almost a decade and are trusted by repeat clients worldwide for ensured stability and threat protection across the enterprise network.


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